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Chest exercises: the best exercises to build muscle easily

 Chest exercises: the best exercises to build muscle easily

1 / Simple push-ups

Spread your hands about shoulder width apart. Your arms are extended at the beginning of the movement. Bend your elbows until your chest touches the floor, then come back up to straighten your elbows again. Do a series of 10 moves, then rest.

Bring both hands together to increase the difficulty and target other muscle fibers.

2 / Pressing the handles

Using the handles will allow you to perform movements with a greater range because you will be able to move downward with each push.

3 / Push-up exercise with the feet raised

Raise your feet to increase the difficulty. Attention, in this way, your shoulders are found in a sector of a slightly different amplitude than the "classic" push-ups.

So the pressure on the joint increases. Go gradually and keep the shoulder blades tight in the back.

4/ bench press

The bench press, which is a great classic bodybuilding exercise, involves the chest muscles, triceps and anterior denticles. Our advice: Don't try to lift too heavy at the beginning of the session. Your joints, muscles, and tendons must be warmed up before you can withstand strong mechanical stresses. This mistake is often made by lovers of the weight room. Do several low-load sets to get your shoulders used to the movement, then gradually increase it. You will avoid shoulder pain and complete cessation of bodybuilding for several weeks.

5/ dips

The dips are interesting to diversify the target muscle fibers. In fact, this type of movement includes the lower muscle fibers of the pectoralis major as well as the latissimus dorsi.

6 / Butterfly or lying spread

All previous exercises involved the triceps. Butterfly spreading or lying makes it possible to target the vests more specifically, limiting the effect of the "big arm".

To avoid injury, be sure to follow the progression phase. As with the compression device, perform a low-load chain at the start of the session. If you are a beginner or if you haven't exercised for a while, book yourself shorter, less intense sessions before gradually increasing workloads over 3 to 6 weeks.

7 / Tips to avoid injuries

Whatever the type of movement, shoulder wrapping is essential. The shoulder stabilizing muscles must be active to ensure the correct gesture. To do this, practice shoulder refocusing and stabilization exercises.

When you do these bodybuilding exercises, remember that the shoulder muscles in the back should be tightened. Likewise, extreme stings should be avoided (on a butterfly, don't go too far back!).

Top tip: keep up your progress.

Be progressive during the session: a little load at first, slow movements to accustom the shoulder to the movement. Respect the warm-up time.

Be progressive in the training plan: increase the workload over several weeks with short breaks to give the body time to recover from previous training.

Listen to your body and its feelings: If you feel slight pain during or after the session, take a few days to rest.


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