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Cardio training and its meaning. Is it worth using it?

 Cardio training and its meaning. Is it worth using it?

More than once in the gym, you can see people, with the sweat of their brows, running kilometers on the treadmill or climbing high floors on climbing simulators. no wonder! Realize that cardio training and its importance to your condition is not just a marketing gimmick, but a real way to improve your performance!

Cardio training and its importance - basic information

Cardio is nothing but endurance training, which results in an increased heart rate. The task of an exerciser is to constantly perform aerobic activities (which increase the level of oxygenation of muscle structures). Exercises can take a variety of forms: from stationary

 bike to rowing training, through successive lengths in the pool, to running more or less intense. Systematic theology plays a very important role in cardio training. Personal trainers recommend doing three exercises per week, allowing the muscles to regenerate properly.

We must know that cardio training and its importance for effects in the exerciser depends on the correct adjustment of the intensity of the exercises being performed. To do this, you need to determine the maximum heart rate (HRmax = 220 - age), and then determine its percentage during training. In practice, there are five levels of severity.

Cardio training and its importance for weight loss

Obese people who have a pronounced accumulation of body fat often wonder if cardio training is not overstated and its importance for weight loss? In practice, it turns out that endurance training is one of the best ways to get a slim athletic figure. How do you make it?

First of all, specialists recommend performing exercises of moderate intensity, which correspond to a heart rate of 60-70%. Achieving the heart rate in such a range can effectively increase the metabolic rate, increase the energy gain from aerobic carbohydrate and fat metabolism, increase the circulatory rate, and improve the oxygen level in the

 muscles and internal organs. The series of transformations enhances the burning of empty calories and reduces the accumulated fatty tissue, allowing to reveal the hitherto hidden muscle parts. So it can be assumed that cardio training is the fulcrum of body shaping.

What are the nutritional supplements that support cardio exercise?

Looking for supplements can be a good way to achieve the results you crave. Knowing that cardio training and its importance to the body is critical, you can choose the right preparations. The products of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - a long-standing

 manufacturer of nutritional supplements for physically active people, working out for amateurs and professional athletes - will prove to be a good solution. The preparations with the logo of this brand are marked by the standard of a pharmaceutical company, the best evidence of which is tested in terms of purity, high-quality raw materials, innovative technology for the production of nutritional supplements,

Before or during a cardio workout, you should opt for Fire Start + Caffeine Energy Gel - a fruity carbohydrate-rich gel, which has been supplemented with caffeine-boosting additives. The presence of carbohydrates provides an additional portion of energy and can be useful for re-synthesising glycogen that is depleted during intense workouts. This type of energy gel is often recommended for runners, cyclists, football players and other endurance sports enthusiasts.

Iso Plus powder is also an effective nutritional supplement during a series of intense training sessions. It is a popular isotonic drink among athletes in the form of a powder, which must be mixed with water beforehand. Its refreshing and exciting taste will not only quench your thirst, but the ingredients it contains will allow you to maintain your stamina during prolonged training, increase water absorption during exercise (carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions) and help reduce tiredness and fatigue (vitamin). . B6 and B12).


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