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Cardio or strength training - what to choose? / TRAINING

Cardio or strength training - what to choose? / TRAINING

## ir cardio training?

Cardio training is primarily defined as endurance exercise. Its main purpose is to increase the efficiency of the heart and improve the functioning of the entire circulatory system. In addition, it is widely recognized that this type of exercise is effective in getting rid of excess pounds and burning excess fatty tissue. Additionally, cardio training is valuable for reducing stress and maintaining restful sleep.

When many people think of endurance exercise, they picture enthusiasts running through fields or on a treadmill. In fact, cardio training can be done through a whole host of different sports – from swimming, to exercising on a stationary rowing machine, to rollerblading, cycling or jumping rope. Although cardio allows you to lose unwanted pounds and fat, it is futile to hope for results in the form of an athletic and muscular figure. Above all, this type of activity contributes to improving your physical form.

## Why choose bodybuilding?

With strength training you can also hope to reduce fat mass, but the process will take much longer than with cardio training. However, an important difference is that strength training has a body shaping effect. The practice of strength training, combined with a diet with a

 positive calorie balance and an appropriate amount of protein, allows you to develop muscle mass, as well as a more or less muscular body structure. It should not be forgotten that this form of physical activity contributes to a real improvement in exercise capacity, in particular muscular strength and endurance. In addition, it should be added that bodybuilding increases the immunity of the organism.

## What to choose ? Strength training or cardio training?

It all depends on individual needs and preferences at the time. The best solution is to combine these two types of training. Cardio and strength training complement each other perfectly and shape an athletic body in a comprehensive way. A good solution would be to

 alternate them throughout the week, for example 3 weight training sessions and 2 cardio sessions - of course this is only a suggestion, because depending on your goals and abilities, you can make your own action plan.

The important point is that a healthy and varied diet is essential in both cases. Vitamins and minerals play a key role. The demand of the body during increased physical activity increases - that's why it is worth taking the capsules **[Vita-Min Multiple Sport]

** from **Olimp Sport Nutrition**, which will easily enrich your diet with a complex of the most important active ingredients and a number of valuable additives. 


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