Cardio exercises at home - the most effective exercises

 Cardio exercises at home - the most effective exercises

For many people, cardio is an essential part of working to improve their fitness and improve their current physical condition. Access to gyms and health clubs is limited, can you do this at home? What are the most effective exercises for training at home?

What should you know about cardio exercises at home?

Before doing cardio exercises at home, it is good to pay attention to some important principles that can ensure their optimum effectiveness. First of all, these are exercises aimed at stimulating the heart and strengthening its endurance. This results in better oxygen

 distribution in the body - better oxygenation of the tissues determines a higher level of their efficiency, eg muscles can work longer and are more resistant to fatigue during exercise. One of the positive results of regular cardio exercises at home is a more adequate transport of oxygen in the body. In addition, it is worth noting the beneficial effects on:

improve wellbeing

Increased metabolic rate

Natural weight control and body fat burning

General improvement of physical condition and respiratory function

Reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure)

Shaping a slim body and making the gained muscle mass more visible

Second, the cardio sessions should be long enough and performed regularly. Whether you train at home or in a professional fitness club, one session should be at least 30 minutes long. The frequency should be at least 3 times a week. This is the only way to ensure the most effective effect of physical activity on the body in order to increase the metabolic rate and activate the processes of reduction (burning) of the accumulated adipose tissue.

The third and most important consideration is the level of severity. Strenuous cardio exercises can greatly reduce the effectiveness of fitness exercises. In addition, excessive fatigue will hinder effective regeneration and can discourage you to continue training. The exercises should be performed at about 60-70% of your maximum heart rate - then your cells will be optimally supplied with oxygen and your body will burn fat efficiently.

What are the most effective home cardio exercises?

Most people associate cardio with vigorous running on a treadmill or using an exercise machine. However, nothing prevents you from doing it at home either. Here is a list of the most effective exercises that will keep you fit at home:


jump rope

squat jumps


Inflatable bike while lying on your back

mountain climbers

Performing the above exercises in the form of a station circuit will be a very good solution. In this way, there is no boredom and the body can engage all over the world.

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