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Can you eat before exercise?

 Can you eat before exercise?

Many people wonder if you can eat before exercise. You can, provided that the meal prior to the planned activity is rich in suitable products that provide the main ingredients. what are they ? Here's the most important nutrition information before your planned workout!

What should I eat before training for best results?

Since you can eat before a workout, it is important to ask yourself what kind of meal would be beneficial? Remember to eat your pre-workout meal at least an hour before your planned activity, so your body can digest the food and get the valuable nutrients. So what should you eat before training to get good results?


The best solution is to eat a meal that is varied in terms of ingredients. It should contain the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates are especially important before training, as they provide the body with a solid base of energy to work at high speed.

 Therefore, it is worth betting on the combination of simple and complex sugars, which will allow a varied rate of additional energy release. But don't forget the fat. Thanks to its slow decomposition, the energy it contains is distributed over time and forms a kind of reserve material.

Protein bars and pre-workout snacks. Can we eat it?

At this point, we have to mention that your pre-workout meal should be easy to digest. If you eat fried food, you will feel full even 3 hours after eating it. Hence, it is difficult to expect the training to be carried out at a high intensity. The body will focus on breaking down food and fighting pesky diseases.

But what if you have a short time and can't eat a full meal? Instead of going to the gym on an empty stomach, it is better to eat a snack that quickly and easily supplies the body with a number of valuable components. An example is the Olimp Sport Nutrition branded products, which are formulated to the highest standards. Olymp Protein Bars and Snacks Olymp Protein not only taste great, but also have a valuable formula.

The products provide a solid serving of healthy protein, contain fiber and little sugar. Its delicious taste and exceptionally pleasant texture make it an alternative to unhealthy desserts. The above-mentioned fiber will be an ideal way to prolong the feeling of satiety. It is worth taking before training - it is an ideal suggestion to reduce hunger during exercise, as well as an excellent addition to your daily diet.

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