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Can anyone do the split? Find out if that's possible!

 Can anyone do the split? Find out if that's possible!

The split is one of the most difficult and impressive moves in gymnastics. Can everyone do that? How should you prepare your body? How long does training take to perform smoothly?

What is division and what are its types?

A split is an athletic movement in which straight legs are positioned next to or across the spine. The classic version is the female split (French split), which consists in placing the pelvis on the floor and placing the lower limbs along the spine in one line. It should be noted that performing the split correctly means pressing the hips to the floor, keeping the knee joints straight and keeping the torso erect with the arms resting.


In addition, the following types of cleavage are distinguished:

Male split (Turkish)

stand split

Jet Jump (split in the air)

Increased splitting (opening angle greater than 180 degrees)

Anyone can make an incision, but not everyone has the perseverance to do so.

Although it is generally accepted that splits are the domain of young female athletes, in fact, anyone can perform this gymnastics movement. The keys to success, of course, are regular stretching and a good dose of perseverance. Exercises to improve mobility, regular

 stretching, and a gradual deepening of your existing range of motion are a real foundation. This may seem boring to many people, but it is the only way to achieve the optimal level of body flexibility and structural flexibility.

Moreover, it is worth noting that for some people, cleavage may be impossible to achieve. What might be the reason? In fact, there are a number of putative limiting factors, including low collagen content, decreased sensitivity of joints and tendons to stretch, the structure of the hip joints, and the location of the femoral head in them. However, slow and repetitive work in the form of exercises and stretches will help to achieve a longitudinal split.

After how long can split?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question, because it is a very individual matter. Along with your body's preparations, you should pay attention to the type of exercise you do, the duration of the stretching, and the number of exercises or other forms of exercise you do. Some people will be able to do painless, technically correct splits after only a few weeks, others will take six months, and some may take a whole year.

The best solution is to do a short stretching session every day. This type of systematic approach will allow you to reach your dream goal much faster than, say, two hours of exercise per week. Just a few minutes a day is enough to take a small step toward splitting. However, do not forget to adapt the level of stretching intensity to your current condition - otherwise the pain after training will require a long break, which can lead to the loss of previous results.


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