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Calf exercises to include in your training plan

 Calf exercises to include in your training plan

Strong legs are not just wide thighs and round buttocks. Many people forget that the calf muscles also have their place in the training program. What calf exercises should be included in a training plan?

Calf exercises - a few words about anatomy

The posterior group of muscles in the leg is referred to as the calf, which is made up of three small muscle structures: the calf, sole, and sole. It should also be noted that the first two muscles are called specifically the triceps, which is the main part of the muscle mass in this

 part of the body. In the case of calves, there is a significant predominance of red muscle fibers, which are primarily responsible for strength. This plays an important role during training.

From a functional point of view, the calf is responsible for the flexion of the sole of the foot and also indirectly affects the flexion of the knee joint. So it is easy to guess that calves play a very important role in running, jumping and normal walking. In addition, the activity of the muscles of this group is felt, for example, when standing.

What calf exercises should you do in the gym?

The above mentioned predominance of red muscle fibers in calves is important information when developing a training plan. A large number of red fibers will require a large number of repetitions, which can only stimulate growth processes in these areas. Some professional

 trainers and athletes state that calf training should be done in four sets of 25-50 reps per set! Of course, everyone should choose the frequency based on their individual abilities and goals - but this example shows the enormous amount of work that goes into developing the calf muscles.

While training in the gym, you can perform the exercises as a supplement to training the legs and as a supplement to other parts of this part of the body, or treat the calves as a unit of a completely separate drive.

What exercises should be included in a training plan?

  • ass lift calf
  • Calf standing raises
  • Sitting calf raise

As you can see, calf exercises are a simple movement. In the gym, you can diversify calf training with additional weights (for example, plate, dumbbells, bells) or with professional machines (for example, a Smith machine or exercise equipment). Isolation).

Is it possible to train the calf at home?

A lack of equipment shouldn't be an excuse to skip calf training! A few thick books will have you ready for a makeshift platform, and a backpack full of water bottles will make up for the lack of dumbbells or dumbbells. Each exercise can be done by engaging both calves simultaneously or individually. The more variety, the better the conditions for muscle growth!


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