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Burn fat. Helps with natural weight loss

 Burn fat. Helps with natural weight loss

A healthy diet and a well-thought-out training program are the easiest way to achieve your dream figure. Simpler but not the easiest.

Sometimes it is useful to help your body fight extra pounds by using natural products that allow you to notice significant effects.

What can I do to improve my diet and training?

Fat burners, which have been mentioned, are supplements intended to promote the reduction of fatty tissue. They are commonly called "fat burners". Properly selected components will allow you to increase metabolism and body temperature, and this effect can be achieved both during exercise and at rest. Burners should be taken on an empty stomach or before the main meal of the day. Burning fat improves thermogenesis and increases metabolism.


A good fat burner is just a supplement to exercise and diet, and not only reliable in the process of losing weight. Currently, there are many different types of products available in the market to help you build the character of your dreams. As for fat burners, the 2015 rating indicates that there are many products that not only mobilize the body to burn fat, but also reduce the feeling of hunger and normalize appetite. To find out which fat burner to choose, it is worth reading the reviews of more experienced users.


What are the best fat burners?

When it comes to the best fat burners, opinions are divided. The effects of each product depend on many factors, metabolism, diet intensity, type of training program, physical condition and many more.

According to the 2015 ranking of the most used fat burners, different synthetic supplements in the form of capsules, powder, or tablets seem to differ from each other depending on the plant material. Some of the products that we use daily as food products have the same properties. The most popular types of fat burners, which speed up metabolism and increase body heat, are:

  • garlic ;
  • citrus fruits.
  • Spices, for example the previous one. Cinnamon, ginger, hot pepper and pepper.
  • legume vegetables
  • Green tea ;
  • green coffee


Capsaicin - helps to burn fat perfectly

Peppers or peppers are hot due to one of its ingredients, capsaicin. This compound affects pain receptors, causing a burning sensation in the oral cavity. Capsaicin significantly lowers the pain threshold level for thermal stimuli. Under normal conditions, pain begins to appear at 40 ° C. Capsaicin causes a pain threshold to appear at a temperature of 25°C. This

 product releases adrenal hormones that break down stored fat molecules from adipose tissue and increase resting metabolism, which absorbs a large amount of energy. Resting metabolic activity increases for about 10 hours after taking one serving of capsaicin, allowing to burn more calories without much hassle.

Research shows that capsaicin increases energy consumption as well as fat burning, and adding it to the diet as fat burners may help with weight control. It is also worth trying products containing cayenne pepper extract.

There can be two types of fatty tissue in the human body: white and brown. White adipose tissue is a storehouse of energy, but its excess can cause weight gain. Brown adipose tissue takes an active part in the metabolism process and its function is to maintain sufficient body heat; By burning this fatty tissue, we convert it into heat. And the more important it is, the less white fat will accumulate in the body. Research shows that capsaicin can be a stimulant for turning white adipose tissue brown. As you can see, capsaicin is therefore a good fat burner.

Ginger works as well

La racine de gingembre an un très bon effet sur le processus de digestion, elle favorise une baisse de tension et du taux de cholestérol, mais elle aide aussi à réduire la production d'acides gastriques et permet de retirer l'excès the body.

According to studies, ginger is a good fat burner because it prevents the division and maturation of fat cells and the development of adipose tissue. Ginger stimulates the production of an enzyme (lipase) that is sensitive to hormones and breaks down fats.

Ginger prevents the development of obesity and facilitates fat reduction by increasing the concentration of DNA in mitochondria and the abundance of mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

Capsaicin and ginger are metabolic products that have been known for many years. Its combination with other active ingredients, vitamins and minerals promotes the effective achievement of better fat burning.


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