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Build your muscle mass. Supplements that achieve the goal

 Build your muscle mass. Supplements that achieve the goal

Obviously, exercise is not the most important thing for building muscle mass. However, many people who start working in the weight room with the intention of getting the body of a bodybuilder miss out on an important detail.

Only efforts in the weight room do nothing. In order to build impressive and healthy muscle mass, you should also take care of the basic masses from which they are built. Therefore, only the combination of proper diet and considered physical activity can produce the most desirable effects. The combination can be supplemented with supplements that will enhance the regular supply of nutrients suitable for muscle tissue. What supplements allow you to get the figure you dream about?


What do you start with?

To build muscle mass, the most important thing is regularity in training and diet. There are three training cycles: the strength-building period, the muscle-building period, and the fat-reducing period. The type and intensity of exercise, diet, and their effects vary from cycle to cycle. When switching from one cycle to the next, you will need to take a break from training for one to two weeks. One of the most important activities is building muscle and reducing fat.


The mass gainer diet is nothing but a proper blend and introduction of nutrients into your muscle mass gainer diet. The increase in the calorific value of each serving is the most important advantage. Particular attention should also be given to increasing protein intake and keeping the body well hydrated.

In each cycle, it is necessary to eat energy meals, but the amounts of calories will be different for each period. The body needs the largest amount of calories during the period of building muscle mass and the least during the period of losing fat mass. The same applies to proteins, the amount of which must be adjusted in relation to the planned workouts.

Often, in addition to regular and properly designed meals, there are various types of nutritional supplements that provide the body with more nutrients and minerals. If the exercise plan, daily meals and supplements are appropriately distributed in relation to each other, an increase in muscle tissue will be observed.


Hard-to-build muscle mass

The required body growth can take many years, so you need to prepare for this process very carefully. The most important thing is to determine your goal and body type. It is also important to calculate your calorie needs so that you can determine how much energy your body needs to reach the goal. The choice of a diet suitable for the structure and physical capabilities of the body is very diverse.

In addition to exercises, do not forget about the time you need to rejuvenate and rest. Only then will the small damage that appears during training in muscle tissue be eliminated.

Protein nutrients, what are they?

These are some of the most popular nutritional supplements to promote muscle mass gain. These foods contain protein that has been isolated from many protein-rich products such as milk, soy, and whey. Why is it necessary to supplement the diet with a protein substance? Since it is the primary product of muscle and as the intensity of training increases, so does the protein requirement - the diet cannot

 always cover the protein requirement.Proteins. Protein is one of the most common nutrients from whey. Some of its parts show pharmacodynamic activity, including anabolism, and other fractions significantly reduce cortisol levels, which have catabolic properties and destroy muscle proteins, which complicates the work of achieving a dream figure.

Whey protein should make up about 30% of the total amount of protein consumed daily. It is best to combine slowly absorbable proteins with fast absorbing whey proteins. The initial impulse for whey protein synthesis appears very quickly and this state lasts from one to two hours. Then the amino acid level drops rapidly. In order to always provide the muscles with the product that allows their basic formation, it is necessary to provide a protein supplement, the breakdown of which takes 8-10 hours.

Why are BCAAs the basis of a weight gain diet?

Branched Chain Amino Acids, i.e. BCAAs, are the basis of a mass gainer diet. It is one of the best known and tested nutritional supplements to fight fatigue and prevent overtraining. It is especially important during recessionary periods, when the results obtained are less exciting than at the beginning.

 Their effect appears during the stagnation of training progress - it can be caused by monotony of physical exertion, overtraining or muscle overload. Correct intake of the amount of BCAAs shows almost beneficial effect on building and increasing muscle mass, but also in reducing fatty tissue. BCAAs also prevent workout fatigue and have significant anti-catabolic effects.


Protein requirements can be met through diet. However, it helps to take advantage of the protein-rich nutrients. BCAAs are especially important during strength training. One serving of BCAA should be taken 30 minutes before the start of training and the second serving should be taken during training.

BCAAs are found in whey proteins, that is, in milk that is free of casein, carbohydrates, and fats. Most studies show that whey significantly improves protein synthesis and muscle growth compared to other protein sources (such as casein or soy). This is mainly due to the high content of branched chain amino acids, which are BCAAs.



Creatine is a natural component of skeletal muscle. Its role is to stimulate protein synthesis and exhibits anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. Finally, creatine speeds up muscle mass gain, efficiency and improves regeneration. Also important is the fact that creatine blocks the action of myostatin, the protein responsible for limiting muscle growth. Creatine interacts with other anabolic steroids and

 testosterone, the hormone that increases muscle strength and muscle mass. Anabolic steroids in turn ramp up creatine production, which promotes the transformation of testosterone. However, the most important task of creatine is its participation in the synthesis of ATP, that is, the compound that provides energy during contractions of muscle fibers.

Creatine is perhaps the most widely used dietary supplement in the world. Currently, it exists in several forms, such as creatine monohydrate or creatine ethyl ester. New, better, and “improved” versions are constantly appearing on the market, but the most popular form is creatine monohydrate. Creatine is useful as a supplement to improve performance during intense workouts.


As studies show, caffeine has many applications for people who want to burn fat tissue and build muscle mass, but it must be combined with a muscle building diet. Studies have shown that caffeine speeds up metabolism by 3-4% for about two hours. It also increases the amount of fat burned during and after training.

The effects of caffeine can also be seen in terms of improving energy production, which can eventually lead to increased muscle strength. Caffeine metabolites increase the concentration of free calcium ions - thanks to which the muscles contract more forcefully. Caffeine should be taken about 45-60 minutes before exercise.

Other basic materials

The diet for increasing muscle mass should also include vitamins and minerals, which will ensure the proper functioning of the body during and after training. Magnesium - It is difficult to find in most bulk supplements and therefore it is beneficial to increase its level with a separate dietary supplement. Magnesium is a substance that contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles, as well as to the quality of sleep and regeneration during sleep. A daily dose of 400 to 500 mg of magnesium should be taken 45 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

Vitamin D is another component that should be included in the diet to gain mass. Few studies on the relationship between vitamin D and physical performance show its effect on the quality of physical activity and mass gain. The recommended daily dose is 500-1000 mcg. It is best taken with a meal containing fat to ensure optimal absorption.



The diet of any athlete or bodybuilder must be balanced, which means that it must be adapted to the individual needs of the practitioner and contain all the necessary components. Combining a mass gain diet with the right nutritional supplements to ensure weight gain without forgetting proper rest - this is your dream bodybuilding personal recipe. Diet and training programs should be chosen according to common sense.


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