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Beautiful from within - Find out how to get healthy skin for healthy hair and nails!

 Beautiful from within - Find out how to get healthy skin for healthy hair and nails!

How do you take care of the health of your skin, hair and nails?

Beauty is not just a matter of beautiful personality! It's also about healthy, well-nourished, flawless skin, shiny, bouncy hair, and strong nails. Every woman wants to take care of herself in the best possible way, which means using a wide range of products to keep her body shape looking its best. But what to do when expensive cosmetics do not have the desired effect?

What could be the cause of the poor condition of the skin, hair and nails?

The starting point in our reflections is to know the possible risk factors, which can have a rather negative impact on the beauty of a woman. By knowing the suspected causes of abnormalities of the skin, hair and nails, it is much easier to take appropriate measures to return the hair and nails to their lost glory. Find out what to watch out for to reduce the potential risk of body damage.

Stress is your enemy!

No wonder stress plays a big role. It is one of the primary factors that contribute to the evolutionary aging process of the body and enhance the effect of harmful oxygen free radicals. The occurrence of excessive oxidative stress, among other things, deteriorates the state and resistance of cells, and can damage them and impair regeneration mechanisms.

Not all cosmetics are useful and safe!

Another no less important issue is cosmetics, and to be precise, its composition. Often we decide to use a set of lotions, balms, shampoos and a whole series of other products that provide beneficial properties that are beneficial for the body and a rejuvenating effect. Indeed, its composition leaves much to be desired! Some ingredients contained in cosmetics

 (for example, glycol, parabens, silicone, SLS, paraffin, triclosan) can be very dangerous to health and cause various abnormalities such as inflammation, respiratory disorders of the skin, clogged pores, excessive dandruff and even acne lesions! This is why before buying, it is appropriate

  • Other risk factors
  • Behaviors that do not comply with the basic rules of hygiene and body care
  • Alcohol and cigarettes worsen skin deterioration and skin aging
  • Environmental pollution, for example smog and high exhaust emissions in major cities
  • Extreme weather conditions (such as high or low temperatures, high winds, and excessively dry air)
  • Excessive exposure to the sun (eg while sunbathing) without adequate protection

Does nutrition play an important role in a woman's beauty?

The famous saying that you are what you eat refers not only to shaping a beautiful figure and fighting extra pounds. An unbalanced diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, improper hydration and consumption of large amounts of processed foods often lead to a significant deterioration in the condition and function of the skin, hair and nails. By maintaining a varied diet, using high quality products and providing optimal amounts of the necessary micro and macro elements.

What should a diet include for healthy skin, healthy hair and nails?

Collagen - a protein that is an essential component of the connective tissue that makes up our bodies. The optimal content of collagen affects, among other things, the elasticity and firmness of the skin, its resistance to mechanical forces (such as compression), as well as its healthy and youthful appearance; Often recommended to reduce visible imperfections

  • Recommended Products:
  • Kolagen Activ Plus Sports Edition
  • Collagen Active Plus

Hyaluronic acid - one of the most widely used components in aesthetic medicine, which helps maintain the proper volume of the face, adequate hydration, correct various irregularities (for example, grooves)

Minerals - a daily diet cannot do without various minerals, they have a positive effect on skin health, strengthening hair and strengthening nails. If you want to take care of yourself and your beauty, you must first provide your body with optimal amounts of zinc, iodine, copper and selenium.

Recommended Products:

VITA-MIN Sports Oversized Multi Caps

nettle and horsetail - two very widespread plants that have medicinal and cosmetic properties that promote the optimal condition of the skin, hair and nails; Horsetail is a rich source of silica and has many effects on the body, for example it prevents split ends and hair loss, reduces spontaneous rupture of blood vessels, and protects against swelling; Nettle has a valuable effect on the resistance and appearance of hair and helps reduce the accumulation of water under the skin, as part of the fight against cellulite.

Vitamins - vitamins A, B 3 (niacin), B 7 (biotin) and C are invaluable components in the daily diet for the purpose of maintaining health and beauty, which are proven by their valuable contribution in many combinations, among others, composition Correct collagen, reduce oxidative stress and fight oxygen free radicals; Their disadvantages are a frequent cause of deterioration of the skin (for example, a tendency to bruising and skin damage), excessive hair loss or pronounced brittle nails.

Water - the role of water in the health of hair, skin and nails is primarily associated with the effective cleansing of accumulated toxins and unnecessary metabolic products; At least 2 liters of water should be consumed per day, this will promote an efficient metabolism and contribute to a good hydration of the body.

Is it appropriate to use nutritional supplements?

Although the daily diet may be rich in a variety of healthy products, this unfortunately may not be enough to cover the daily demand. For this purpose, it is advisable to bet on complete and multi-ingredient supplements. Olimp preparations provide a quick and convenient

 enrichment of the diet with indispensable valuable components, obtained from high-quality and tested raw materials. Dietary supplements resulting from advanced production technology, according to pharmaceutical standards, in an innovative research and development center, ensuring the highest level of safety during use.


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