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Beautiful body on the beach - how do you do it?

 Beautiful body on the beach - how do you do it?

Vacations and trips to the beach are an opportunity to show off your sculpted body all year round. A well-designed exercise program and proper diet are the key to ensuring that an endomorph grows into a beautiful and muscular figure.

How to lose weight to impress in the summer?

A beautiful body, as anyone who takes care of it knows, is not the result of two or three months of hard work - it is a common mistake among those who are just beginning to build muscle mass. From an endomorphic body, you can not become an athlete in three months.

 To be able to show off your "six-piece set" during the holidays, you have to think about it much earlier. Eating a balanced diet and implementing a conscious training program will be enough to impress on the beach in summer.

However, care must be taken that weight loss does not occur too quickly or result in a decrease in potency. If so, it is a good idea to review the calorie levels in the meal and verify that aerobic exercise does not dominate the training program.

Another reason for excessive weight loss could be inadequate anti-catabolic protection - when there is a deficiency in HMB, L - glutamine, taurine or BCAA supplementation. If the rate of adipose tissue reduction is too rapid, it may be accompanied by a decrease in muscle mass, which should be avoided. For this purpose, it is important to change the calorie

 content of meals - more calories should be added to the diet. However, at this point it is important to remember that carbohydrates hold more water under the skin, which may mask the effects of reducing.. Therefore, it is better to use carbohydrates from oils, such as flaxseed oil.

What if fat burning is too slow?

In the case when aerobic training of sufficient duration does not produce any fat-burning effect, one can criminalize a poor choice of diet. Reduction diets may be of poor quality, that is, despite the lower calorie intake in meals, calorie sources have not changed -

 incorrectly selected calorie sources cause excessive growth of adipose tissue. Eating quality food, that is, products that are not chemically processed without preservatives, does not burden the digestive system and perfectly supports the metabolism. In such a situation, you can eat more and benefit from the same calorie balance, moreover by eating more, you are feeding your muscles better.


It is also a common mistake to enter too large a calorie deficit. This slows down the metabolism significantly, and although there is a rapid decrease in weight, the amount of adipose tissue in this case does not decrease at the rate imposed by a calorie deficit. Such an error can be corrected in a simple way, it is enough to increase the calorie intake of meals and lengthen aerobic sessions.

Another mistake that does not allow for a regular and regular reduction of adipose tissue is the elimination of fat burning supplements. It speeds up fat loss and increases the effects of fat reduction.

How to get a beautiful body on the beach

Before you start sculpting your body, you need to burn off the body fat that makes it difficult to get the perfect beach body. However, all this needs to be considered in order for the fat to be evenly reduced.

How do you lose weight? First of all, one should try to follow a proper weight loss regimen.


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