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BCAA amino acids - why do we use them?

 BCAA amino acids - why do we use them?

The popularity of products containing amino acids, external to the body, among athletes is really impressive. Years have passed, trends have changed and products from this category remain one of the main nutritional supplements during regular workouts of different intensity levels. Find out what BCAA's are and why is it beneficial to use them?

BCAA amino acids - why do we use them? The building block of proteins

Macronutrients refer to three primary sources of energy in everyone's daily diet - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Each person makes a completely different request, related to a number of variables, for example age, gender, current body weight or the frequency and intensity of exercises. Although they are all very important, especially for physically active people, athletes should pay special attention to an adequate level of protein. How BCAA amino acids relate to this and why they should be used.

Amino acids are protein components, which are the primary components that the body uses to synthesize different types of proteins. The BCAA amino acid complex is a mixture of components of an exogenous nature, which explains the need to obtain them from external sources. Since the body is not able to produce them on its own, we also know why they should be used as part of a daily protein diet.

BCAA amino acids - why we use them in training

The BCAA complex contains three amino acids - L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. They are all essential components of the above proteins, but what is protein itself? Maintaining an optimal protein intake in your daily diet allows you to maintain your existing muscle mass. It is not hard to guess that increasing the amount of protein consumed in the diet, and therefore BCAA amino acids, will lead to an overall weight gain.

What BCAA amino acids are worth recommending and why do we use them?

Physically active people, due to their higher energy needs, need more protein. When searching for a suitable product containing BCAA amino acids, one will find products from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - a Polish producer of nutrients and nutritional supplements for athletes. Why is it worth using it? Above all because their production respects

 pharmaceutical standards, which is ensured by the use of well-thought-out high-quality raw materials as well as innovative technology in innovative laboratory groups. This makes

 products like BCAA Xplode and BCAA 1100 Mega Caps an exceptionally safe and reliable source of essential amino acids, the capacity of which is consistent with what the product says on the label. Many years in the global sports supplement market and a strong background in research and development make the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand a safe choice.


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