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back muscles. Back muscle training

 back muscles. Back muscle training

Back muscle exercises are applicable not only when you want your back to look shaped, but also because strong back muscles do not allow to bulge and are the basis of other exercises.

But what if the back muscles suffer a bruise - stop training or find a safe form of physical activity that will not only help sculpt the back muscles, but restore their efficiency?

Back muscles - what can fail?

As in the case of other muscle groups, in the case of the back, the muscles of the back can be divided into deep muscles (including the most important muscle of this group - the orthosis) and superficial muscles (the humeral spine and costal spinal muscle ).

 The causes of back injuries are often poorly performed physical exercises - exercises performed incorrectly can be as dangerous as a complete lack of physical activity. For this reason, when performing the exercise, special attention should be paid to technique. In fact,

 the effect of weak strength exercises with extra weights is a bruise on the lower back. The cause of the majority of lumbar spine injuries is the incorrect position of the back muscles during training, that is, the convex position, and this position is very dangerous when lifting heavy loads.


What are the spine exercises to stay healthy?

In the vast majority of exercises they should be performed with a slight back - sometimes there are deviations from this rule. Not following the rules of certain exercises can be very dangerous - only after learning the correct technique can one increase the intensity of the exercises. Among the predominant back muscle exercises are those that work the abdominal muscles as well.


If the back pain is in the lower back, it is not recommended to perform exercises for the back muscles with loads on the vertical axis of the spine, for example lifting the barbell in a standing position from the chest or behind the neck. However, it is recommended to raise the bars from a sitting position with the back supported. The back of the seat should be

 positioned at an angle so that the spine is strongly supported. If the same exercise is performed in a standing position, then the body will be in an unstable position and it will be impossible to direct the bar on the correct path without straining the spine.

Pain in the lower back region

With a sore lumbar region, it is not recommended to perform back exercises, intense and engaging, such as low squats on the shoulders. However, this exercise can be replaced with a leg press. In this position, the spine will be completely relaxed. Squats on the penetration

 machine will at least partially relax the back muscles. Approved exercises also include push-ups or steps with dumbbells or a barbell. In fact, these exercises involve the same muscles as in the squat case, but then only one leg is loaded, so the impact on the spine will be much smaller.

In case of lower back pain, we do not recommend exercises with a bent torso: lifting the bent torso with a barbell, using a rowing machine, lateral dumbbell raises for the bent torso. Instead of these exercises, it is recommended to perform dumbbell lifting exercises while lying on the stomach on the bench, and lifting the dumbbells by resting one hand and one knee on the bench.


Primary muscle strain method

The method of initial muscle stress is the case in which, first, exercises are performed, severing a specific muscle part through a series of isolated (mono-articular) exercises, and then a series of complex exercises. For example: exercises can be started on the machine, where the thigh muscles will be tired beforehand, and then a series of squats are performed,

 which will force the already trained muscles to work very hard, but with the greatest flexibility. The weight with which the quadriceps will be loaded during squatting will have less effect on the spine than in the case when you start the exercises with a series of squats, so the pain in the lower back will be less pronounced


Nothing can replace a visit to the doctor

Extreme caution in practicing the spine may not be enough. It is then necessary to consult a doctor who will accurately diagnose the problem and recommend an appropriate method of rehabilitation. When training, do not forget about your safety.


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