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Back exercises at home. What should be remembered?

 Back exercises at home. What should be remembered?

Strong and aesthetic gluteal muscles are the dream of many women. However, many of them mistakenly believe that the real effects can only be obtained during visits to the weight room. Whereas, with thoughtful at-home glute training, we can achieve desired results within our four walls.

What are the benefits of butt exercises at home?

Exercising at home is incredibly convenient for beginners or those with weight problems. Too little experience and a well-rounded personality are often an obstacle to visiting a gym or fitness club. Starting gluteal training at home allows you to accurately and calmly shape

 your figure, effectively fight excess weight and excess fatty tissue, reduce accumulated cellulite and improve existing motor skills. Thanks to home exercises, you will get rid of unnecessary complexes. You don't have to wait in line to get the device you want to use and you'll save your time and some money by not paying a flat rate.

What type of exercises should you use to train your butt muscles at home?

The choice of activities depends strictly on the practitioner's existing capabilities and access to any tools that allow us to diversify our efforts in order to create a silhouette of dreams. When warming up before training the thighs at home, we must use exercises that strengthen the gluteal muscles, emphasize their shape and give them rigidity, while eliminating accumulated fat deposits. What activities should be included in the training plan?

  • Squat/lift with your own body weight or additional load
  • Single side / classic or side chisel
  • Bottom limb extensions backward (as in pits)
  • Lift your legs back and forth while lying on your back

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