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Autumn hump - where did it come from and how is it fixed?

 Autumn hump - where did it come from and how is it fixed?

A drastic change in weather conditions and cooler heralds the end of summer. A sharp drop in temperature, lack of sunlight and strong winds can affect mood and daily functioning. The spur fall problem that occurs every year is a problem for hundreds of people around the world. Where does it come from and how is it repaired to keep the body in good shape?

Where does the autumn hump come from?

A fall bump is defined as a set of symptoms that result from a dynamic change in atmospheric conditions. The beautiful landscape associated with holidays suddenly turns into a colorless landscape, a gloomy atmosphere of darkness and low temperature. You don't have to be a sensitive meteorologist to see and feel the adverse effects quickly.


The most common causes of a bump falling off are:

  • low temperature,
  • by night,
  • decrease in the amount of sunlight,
  • Spend less time outdoors and reduce oxygen.

What are the symptoms of falling bump?

Late summer can be really overwhelming. Although the last moments of summer happen in a rather pleasant temperature, they are beginning to announce the arrival of the unforgiving season. The fall bump can be noticed very quickly, and its symptoms are mainly related to the mental state. Among these can be mentioned

  • carelessness
  • irritability,
  • bouts of anxiety and unexplained anxiety,
  • feeling depressed and lonely,

Marked decrease in motivation to work

The presence of a fall bump also does not provide physical health. The body begins to feel changes in weather conditions, which may be the cause:

  1. excessive sleepiness
  2. Constant feeling of tiredness and lack of energy,
  3. Sleep disturbances, such as waking at night
  4. appetite problems (absence or excess),
  5. Exceptional severity of PMS symptoms in women

How do you deal with the fall bump?

Many nutrition and supplement experts state that the fall bump may be related to a lack of adequate produce in the daily diet. The rich amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables associated with summer are an abundant source of essential vitamins and minerals. In order to take care of your body in a comprehensive manner, it is beneficial to take the Vita-Min Multi Sport supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition.

It is a complex of the most important minerals and vitamins, selected in optimal proportions and in easily assimilated forms, rich in a number of valuable substances (including valuable plant extracts). The product is available in the form of suitable capsules containing

 substances obtained from microbiologically tested materials. Every serving of the product is a true support for the high-quality nutrition, that pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories deserves.


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