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Autumn Diet - What do you eat to be healthy?

 Autumn Diet - What do you eat to be healthy?

Each season is subject to its own rules. Autumnal aura, which often appears in the form of temperature changes, can be sensitive to your health. So it is useful to take care of your immunity. One way is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Below we suggest what should be included in an autumn diet and what is worth eating

for health.

Autumn Diet - What do you eat to be healthy? Seasonal fruits and vegetables

It is worth deciding to take advantage of seasonal products in the first place. With the onset of autumn, the real riches come in the form of delicious fruits! During this period, one can appreciate the wonderful taste of peaches, which are rich in valuable fiber, pears that contain countless vitamins or even grapes, which are a very valuable source of antioxidants. Peaches, pears, and grapes are also high in vitamin C - an essential part of your fall diet!

In addition to fruits, vegetables should also be part of the daily menu. In the fall, pumpkins take center stage. This Halloween symbol is a rich source of beta-carotene, whose antioxidant properties can be valuable, among other things, for the organ of sight and vision. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain valuable proteins and fatty acids. What else should you eat for your health? Seasonal vegetables include paprika, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and cabbage.

The Vita-Min Multi Sport complex of vitamins and minerals from Olimp Sport Nutrition can be an additional dietary supplement. In addition to the optimal dose of the basic active ingredients, it contains valuable plant extracts (such as cranberry and citrus bioflavonoids). The product, created in the modern research and development center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, is distinguished by its high quality and safe use, which is proven by raw materials tested for purity.

Autumn Diet - What's Worth Eating for Your Health? Nuts and seeds

Another equally important "autumn product" is nuts, which should definitely be part of the seasonal diet. This crunchy addition to your meals will provide your body with very healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, an optimal dose of protein, fiber and a number of valuable

 vitamins (especially B vitamins) and important minerals (including zinc, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous). In addition to nuts, in the fall it is recommended to eat other types of nuts (such as pistachios, cashews, almonds), as well as various grains and seeds (such as sunflower seeds, zucchini or sesame seeds).

If you have limited access to nuts or are looking for your convenience, you can use Olimp Sport Nutrition Nut Creams, which are created from carefully selected, high-quality nuts. Spreads have no added sugar or salt, just delicious nuts and a ton of healthy fatty acids. Offer includes Almond Butter (Almond), Cashew Butter (Cashew Nut) and Classic Peanut Butter (Peanut) in the form of crunchy (with chopped hazelnuts) or smooth (soft creamy texture).


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