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Autumn diet for the elderly

 Autumn diet for the elderly

Older people need to take care of their health. The gradual process of aging requires that older people have a proper diet that provides them with a set of essential ingredients. What should be included in the autumn diet for the elderly? What components should be included first?

Autumn diet for the elderly. Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, or the famous vitamin C, is certainly one of the most important ingredients in the fall diet for seniors who value a healthy and varied diet. The main sources of this vitamin are fruits (such as cherries, oranges, and black currants) and some vegetables (such as parsley). Vitamin C supports the proper functioning of the immune system, provides cells

 with adequate protection against the harmful effects of oxidative stress and helps fight oxygen free radicals. In addition, it is one of the essential components in the process of collagen synthesis, ensuring the proper functioning of bones, skin and mucous membranes.

Autumn diet for the elderly. Omega fatty acids

Unsaturated fatty acids are undoubtedly a very important component of the autumn diet for the elderly. Omega-3 fatty acids are mainly EPA and DHA, which are not produced by the human body and must be supplied with daily meals. The best sources are different types of fish and seafood. EPA and DHA promote the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system and aid in good vision and brain function.

Autumn diet for the elderly. Vitamin D3

The autumn season is closely associated with limited sunlight, which can lead to an increased risk of vitamin D3 deficiency. This component is especially important in the diet of the elderly because of its great influence on the use of calcium and phosphorous - essential components in the process of bone mineralization. In addition, vitamin D3 has a valuable effect on the regulation of muscle functions and immunity and is involved in the process of cell division.

What are the nutritional supplements that suit the autumn diet for the elderly?

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers a number of high-quality products that will provide an appropriate form of support for seniors and their diet in the fall. Gold Omega-3 D3 + K2 Sport Edition supplement combines optimal servings of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids and valuable vitamins D3 and K2 in easy-to-swallow capsules.

Immuno Xplode powder containing, among other things, the aforementioned vitamin C or Odpormax Forte from Olymp Labs, a blend of high-quality vitamins (A, D, E), zinc in the form of chelated albion and shark liver oil and can be garlic extract Also a good solution.


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