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Are there any products that increase metabolism?

 Are there any products that increase metabolism?

A slow metabolism is a nightmare for anyone starting to lose weight. The body will take some time to adapt to a faster metabolism. Here is a list of products that can improve your metabolism and thus speed up the effects when working on your dream body shape!

Metabolism boosting products: hot spices

It is hard to deny that the presence of spices in the daily diet has a valuable effect on weight loss and body weight control. A large part of these products is a rich source of many valuable active ingredients,

 which can have a multi-dimensional effect on metabolism and increase the metabolic rate. For example, hot pepper contains capsaicin and black pepper contains piperine - both substances affect thermogenesis, which can lead to increased heat production and create favorable conditions for the loss of excess fat.

Products intended to increase metabolism: caffeine

For many years, coffee has been one of the most popular products that are considered a source of caffeine - a substance with valuable properties that stimulate the nervous system. Consuming optimal servings of caffeine can provide an additional source of energy for daily work, reduce feelings of

 increased fatigue, suppress excessive hunger, and enhance focus. Other equally valuable sources of caffeine include guarana, mirpa mate, as well as green coffee and tea. The daily dose of caffeine for adults should not exceed 300 mg - this amount will certainly be effective in increasing the metabolism and promoting normal control of body weight.

Metabolism Products: Ginger

Ginger is not only known for its spicy, distinctive taste that makes some dishes more appealing. The fresh root and highly standardized extracts of this plant are a rich source of many valuable active substances (such as essential oils and antioxidants). Gingerol contained in it has valuable anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet properties, intensifies the work of the digestive system and activates digestive processes. Thanks to this, ginger can prove to be a good nutritional supplement for maintaining the correct body weight.

Metabolism-boosting products in nutritional supplements

It shouldn't surprise anyone that there are high-quality black pepper and cayenne pepper extracts in fat loss products. Its combination with a perfect dose of caffeine, ginger extract and a number of other valuable ingredients can provide a truly beneficial compound for increasing metabolism and improving the process of building a lean body.

Thermostim Hardcore from Olimp Sport Nutrition is a multi-ingredient formula designed for people who want to lose weight and enrich their daily diet with a complex of active substances. The capsules contain optimal amounts of vitamins, caffeine and many high quality herbal extracts. The product is prepared exclusively from microbiologically tested raw materials, and the applied production technology guarantees a high level befitting a pharmaceutical company.

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