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Are proteins harmful to the body? For those who still have doubts!

 Are proteins harmful to the body? For those who still have doubts!

Protein is undoubtedly one of the most important components of a healthy, balanced diet. Especially for amateur athletes and experienced athletes who can maintain or increase their current muscle mass while maintaining the right amount of protein. Are proteins harmful to the body? In what situations should we be careful when eating protein?

Are proteins harmful to the body? A few words about food allergies.

The important role of protein in daily weight and nutrition is clear evidence that healthy protein is an essential component of every meal.

Meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, nuts or leguminous vegetables are often served on the plate by physically active people who want to provide the body with a sufficient amount of the building blocks of muscle tissue. Unfortunately, people with nutritional problems must pay special attention to the source of protein in their daily diet.

A good example of this is the currently widespread intolerance to lactose, a sugar naturally found in milk and milk products. People with this type of allergy often experience severe stomach pain, nausea, bloating, or even very unpleasant cramping.

Are proteins harmful to the body in case of problems with the digestion of lactose? Yes, but this problem can be easily circumvented - we switch to sugar-free dairy products or decide to completely abandon the products of this category.

Are proteins harmful to the body? The harmful effect of excess protein.

It is known that a lack of protein in the daily diet can be a cause of low muscle mass and can make it difficult to develop an athletic figure. But what about the reverse situation, when we provide much more of this macronutrient than our daily needs assume? Are proteins harmful to the body when we use them frequently? Eating a lot of protein on a regular basis can do great harm to the body. The most common consequences of increased protein intake are:

  • skin problems in the form of ugly acne or eczema,
  • unpleasant breathing, which is an expression of severe ketosis,
  • problems of dehydration and increased thirst,
  • increased risk of urinary tract diseases, bone and joint pain,
  • Disruption in the proper functioning of the kidneys and liver, which may slow down the metabolic rate.

Are proteins harmful to the body? Make sure you get the optimum amount of protein in your diet.

People who avoid physical activity or strenuous exercise should consume protein around 0.8 g/kg of body weight. For physically active people, this can be between 1.6 and 2 grams of protein. However, you should know that these are average values. Everyone should adapt the amount of protein consumed to their needs. Protein supplements are a useful daily

 nutritional support that easily supplies the body with the perfect amount of healthy protein. The Olimp Sport Nutriton brand has been supporting an active lifestyle for many years and offers products formulated according to pharmaceutical standards. Dietary supplements such as 100% Whey Protein Complex, 100% Natural Whey Concentrate or Pure Whey

 Isolate 95 are prepared from high-quality raw materials, which have previously undergone the necessary purity tests, including the presence of heavy metals. Combined with innovative technology and innovative laboratory facilities, you can be sure that Olimp Sport Nutrition products are completely safe and contain ingredients that comply with label claims.


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