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Are nutritional supplements vegetarian?

 Are nutritional supplements vegetarian?

Without denying the health benefits of a plant-based diet, its restrictive assumptions can sometimes be a real challenge. It is absolutely essential to ensure that the supplements used are vegetarian and also that they will help you achieve your goals.

Are nutritional supplements vegetarian? Plant Protein Supplements

The vegetarian lifestyle has found its way into the food industry. Fans of a vegan diet and products without animal ingredients can easily buy most vegan alternatives in stores. From everyday foods to sweets and snacks to nutritional supplements and functional foods. Although the latter group is increasingly likely to find protein bars specifically for vegans, the issue of daily supplementation is more concerning.

In the case of protein food supplements, products containing whey dominate. It is one of the most famous sources of healthy protein, especially used in sports preparations. In addition, the manufacturers offer includes nutritional supplements such as ovalbumin, beef protein or micellar casein. All of these sources are of animal origin, which explicitly excludes them from a vegetarian diet.


The role of protein in the daily diet is very important. Protein helps build and maintain muscle mass. Giving up animal products (including meat, eggs, and dairy) will affect silhouette muscles in one form or another soon, especially if these items are the basis of the diet until then. So there is an advantage in supporting your daily diet with plant-based protein supplements.

Are nutritional supplements vegetarian? The right choice of protein supplement for vegetarians

The Olymp Sport Nutrition brand doesn't forget that vegetarians are a huge part of the active community. Exercise and balanced eating go hand in hand, which is why the company decided to make protein supplements based on proteins from only plant sources. The complete absence of animal ingredients means that every nutrient can be used by vegetarians and vegans.

Sojavit 85 is a high-quality protein isolated from soybeans, one of the most popular forms of protein in a vegetarian diet. The Plant Protein Complex is a complex formula of three different sources of protein - peas, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. The preparation is also available in chocolate flavor with natural cocoa. Both products come as an easily soluble powder that can be easily added to a meal.

Can nutritional supplements be vegan? The right products ensure you a supplement formulated specifically for vegetarians. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand is above all standards of pharmaceutical production and comply with the necessary safety rules. The best proof of this is the unique and thoroughly analyzed raw materials and innovative laboratory facilities. All nutrients and nutritional supplements are manufactured using the latest technology, which guarantees impeccable quality and safety in use.


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