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Alcohol and diet - does this combination make sense?

 Alcohol and diet - does this combination make sense?

According to nutritionists, a strict approach to the diet does not lead to good results. After all, we are only human, and each of us should take a break from our diet once in a while. However, do minor deviations from the diet also apply to alcohol consumption? Does this combination make sense?

Alcohol and Diet - Negative Effects

For many dieters, alcohol is avoided, which is a real evil when it comes to a slim body and shedding extra pounds. One of the worst effects of drinking alcoholic beverages is to supply the body with empty calories - and the lack of any nutritional value renders almost all alcohol useless.

Another unfavorable property of alcohol is its actual effect in reducing the metabolic rate. Metabolism first focuses on the breakdown of alcohol into simple sugars, which are then deposited in the form of fatty tissue. But that's not all, because the fatty acids provided by food are also stored! It is not hard to guess that regular consumption of alcoholic beverages will promote weight gain.


It has been known for some time that alcohol consumption increases appetite. At parties or feasts, one can get hungry very quickly, which, along with excessive relaxation and a good mood, can lead to temptations! Dieters should be aware that drinking alcoholic beverages

 has an incredibly large impact on achieving the desired result of a lean body. It is also worth noting that after a busy evening there is often a hangover and it is difficult to control the craving for fatty junk food.

What should you know about drinking alcohol while on a diet?

The right approach is essential. Knowing the effect of alcohol on the daily diet and the body can help avoid many negative consequences. While a lot of the tips given below make sense, a good number of people forget to put them into practice - now is the perfect time to remind these tips:

Avoid colorful and sugary alcohols - beer, liqueurs and juices provide more calories due to the higher content of simple carbohydrates

Dry wine will be the best choice, which does not increase appetite too quickly

When you decide to buy a drink, choose alcohol with natural additives such as mineral water, lemon juice or tomato juice

Before the planned event, it is worth eating a solid meal - a rich amount of protein, healthy fats and fiber will ensure that you feel full for a long time and reduce the amount of food you eat after drinks.

After each drink or glass of alcohol, it is worth drinking a glass of water, which improves the digestion of the drink

Mixing alcohol and water is just as effective in order to be smarter and to better distribute alcohol consumption over time


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