Abdominal muscle training for women

 Abdominal muscle training for women

A slim figure, no unnecessary fat deposits and clearly defined abdominal muscles - this is the dream of most women. Unfortunately, all figure sports fans know that the abdomen is one of the most problematic parts of the muscles. Is there

Abdominal muscle exercises effective for women? Is there a way to help fight stubborn fats and extra pounds?

What is abdominal muscle training for women?

ABS is a training plan aimed at developing visible and strong abdominal muscles. Although exercises are very universal, in most cases they are recommended for women. Abs training is often compared to the Weider Aerobic Six (A6W), which is not entirely accurate. In the

 case of ABS, training programs are suitable for both beginner and advanced athletes. Depending on the level of experience, athletes can effectively work on their bodies and achieve their goals.


What are the exercises in the women's ABS program?

  • Russian twists
  • V sits.
  • crunches
  • Windmills with dumbbells or kettles
  • runners
  • Raising straight or bent legs on a bench or bar
  • ABS training for women and first results

According to many trainers and personal trainers, abdominal muscle exercises give visible results already after the first two weeks of regular training. Of course, we must not forget that a balanced and varied diet is very important in addition to regular physical activity. For women, ingredients that facilitate the elimination of excess fatty tissue and help in shaping a slim body will be a valuable addition to their diet.

Abdominal muscle training for women: nutritional supplement

Supplements that use L-carnitine in their formulation will prove to be a very good choice for women. It is an amino acid of great value for both amateur and professional athletes. L-Carnitine Xplode from Olimp Sport Nutrition is a supplement to the diet by providing a portion of the highly absorbable form of L-carnitine tartrate. L-Carnitine supplementation

 promotes the transport of free fatty acids to their place of oxidation (the so-called mitochondria), providing additional energy that can be used during ABS training. The product is available in a refreshing and fruity taste, and its composition is enriched with vitamin B6, which has a beneficial effect in reducing the feeling of fatigue.

Abdominal muscle training for women: the benefits

Increased metabolic rate

Improve mood and well-being

Increase abdominal muscle strength and endurance

Improving the stability of the central stem ("nucleus")

Eliminate back pain

Support to reduce body fat

Increased self-esteem and better acceptance of one's own body

Shaping the waist and getting rid of blemishes

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