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Abdominal exercises at home

 Abdominal exercises at home

You can get a flat, tight and fat-free tummy from exercises to tighten the tummy and get rid of sagging at home.

It looks like a lot of belly fat.

Abdominal exercises at home

Abdominal exercises list

Abdominal exercises by performing exercises before doing exercises.

Abdominal muscle exercises

1. Planks

The distinctive exercises that you can do at home to tighten the abdomen, and the plank exercise helps to break up and burn the fat in the abdomen.

You have to accompany you in the famous position of pressure, and then bend the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees so that the body remains straight, and you have to try to remain in this position for a while while inhaling and exhaling ...

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2. Bicycle exercise

It targets the greater part of the head, shoulders up, and the side of the legs to the chest.

Be careful to move the elbow from its place so that you can press the abdomen well, and the exercise is repeated with the other leg and the other opposite arm.

3. Mountain climbing exercise

Useful exercises that help to sculpt the abdomen and get rid of the fat in it effectively, this exercise works on the muscles completely and the muscles of the legs.

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Fix the sounds with your palms on the floor, raise and slightly raise the body in half from the middle and back neck.

Upper abdomen exercises

1. Traditional Crunch

And you must take care of the back and the back, as you must take care of the back and the back. Abdominal pressure while doing the exercise.

2. Sit-ups

Top of the body from the body to the side, and repeat this part of the times, and you must make sure that the neck is straight to prevent injury.

3. Crunch with rotation

This exercise is to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles and noticeably tighten the abdomen and get rid of the fat accumulated in this area.

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You have to listen to the back and make the body taut with raising the knees to the top and the body behind the neck, and push the body forward in the direction that you used your elbow to your knee, and you rose, and zipped to the floor, and repeat the exercise opposite your face and repeat this for 10 times.

4. v-ups

 The exercise of raising the body the legs until the body becomes a v-shape and lower the body, lower the body, lower the body, weight care, body, body, body, weight care, body, go back, weight care. of times.

Lower abdominal exercises

Lower abdominal exercises help to help you in the abdominal area.

1. Leg raises

Listen to the lower back, flexing the legs, and flexing the hands from the repetitions.

2. Scissors exercise

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Half of the organs are returned to the body.

3. Glass area exercise

Browse, swing legs vertically, swing legs vertically, swing legs.

4. Crunchy Kicks

Listen to and raise the legs by about 10 cm, move the knees and chest until the calves area is parallel to the floor and return again to the starting position while not touching the ground by about 10 cm, and the exercise is repeated several times.

2. Scissors exercise

The scissors exercise is one of the good exercises to tighten the lower abdomen. You should lie on the back and raise the legs by about 20 cm, and raise the right leg from the left leg and move them in reverse.

Daily exercise saves women from stroke

The legs are returned to the ground and the left leg is raised from the right and moved in reverse.

3. Glass area exercise

This exercise helps to tighten the lower area of ​​the abdomen and strengthen the muscles, and you have to lie on the ground and raise the legs vertically, and move the legs sideways towards the ground until you reach the middle of the distance, and return the legs to the starting point and repeat the exercise in the other direction.

4. Crunchy Kicks

Lie on the back and raise the legs about 10 cm off the ground, and move the knees towards the chest until the calf area is parallel to the ground and return again to the starting point without touching the ground about 10 cm, and the exercise is repeated for many times.


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