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7 surprising reasons to surf this summer

 7 surprising reasons to surf this summer

Surfing remains one of the hottest sports trends in summer and has long been a lifestyle for many outdoor enthusiasts. Do you also cherish the dream of finally venturing into the water? So we'll dispel your last doubts and tell you why zip-lining is definitely more than just a way to cool off when it gets really hot.

Nothing planned this summer? It was so much better, because it was time to ditch the gym and replace the weight plates and heavy jacket with a surfboard and playsuit. In fact, water sports are not only very entertaining, but they also attract the body and soul to the fullest. Here are the reasons to start surfing this summer:

1 - Surfing is good for your health

Sun, wind and sea: rarely any other sport will expose you to the elements as much as surfing. In addition, it has a really positive effect on your health. In fact, thanks to light, your internal production of vitamin D, which is important for muscle functioning

 and the immune system, is running at full speed. And salt water allows you to have beautiful skin, because it gives you free exfoliation. Another plus: the many outdoor movements and the fact that you exercise yourself on the board ensures your baby will sleep peacefully in the evening.

Do you want to increase your vitamin D levels throughout the year? Then take Vitamin D3 + K2 drops, Real Sunshine in a liquid version that supports your immune defenses*.

2 - Surfing uses all the muscles in your body

Body Control, Resistance, Coordination: Surfing is so much more than just waiting for the perfect wave. In fact, this sliding sport represents different strengthening exercises for the whole body, making it an ideal exercise to train everything.

All muscles are called upon thanks to the various movements performed, such as rowing, standing up and then standing on the board:

When rowing and getting up, the abdominal muscles are used in all movements as well as the arms, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and upper back.

Once you're standing on the plank in a squat position, your glute and thigh muscles should be working, so your core stays active at all times.

To surf the wave perfectly, you need to have good stability in the hips, as this is what helps you when doing rotational movements on the board.

3- Surfing is an excellent anti-stress

We promise that no matter what's on your mind at the moment, a day in the waves will make you forget all sources of stress and allow you to come out of the waves with renewed mental strength. In fact, negative thoughts are expelled from your mind literally with every wave you take, and this positively affects your state of mind.

And at the end of the day, you have a whole new, free look at what might be bothering you or bothering you that morning.

4 - Surfing broadens your horizons

Of course, you can also go skateboarding in the North and Baltic seas, because your budget may not always allow you to go on big trips. But in the Mediterranean, Atlantic or Pacific you will find the best waves and perfect beach weather.

If the best surfing spots in the world are what attracts you, know that adventurers like you will have many other things to discover: foreign countries, cultures, and people to meet with openness and curiosity.

And the best part about all of this is that once you're on your way, you'll quickly meet people who share the same feelings as you, because the desire to surf the Internet brings people together. By meeting other passionate surfers who are also looking for the perfect bulge, you're almost guaranteed to have interesting discussions and make new friends.

You will definitely get to know yourself in a whole new way and be a different person when you go back to how you were when you started, which is very valuable for your personal growth.

5 - Surfing is like meditation

You can compare surfing to the mindfulness or meditation exercises you do every day. Except you're not sitting on a meditation cushion at home or in the studio, but you're giving your mind a wellness session right on your board.

When you surf, you are completely alone, like a small drop in the vast ocean. You focus only on yourself, in the present moment and the perfect wave, in unison with the rhythm of the sea, and when the

 wave arrives, you focus on the good sequence of movements on the board. Thinking about something else at the same time is almost impossible, which helps your mind to separate, because you are fully present in the here and now.

6- The waves create new cells in your brain

When we learn something new, our gray cells run at full speed. However, in adulthood, we rarely use our brains out of habit. So learning a new sport is refreshing your brain.

Since surfing is an incredibly versatile sport, in which complex movements are performed simultaneously in the water and on a board, it is not only your muscles that need to be worked properly. Coordination, balance, explosiveness, and flexibility are also essential.

This is a lot for your brain to absorb, so it responds by creating a lot of new synapses that keep you fit into old age. The result is that you return from vacation not only tanned, relaxed and toned, but also with a fresh mind: there is no better vacation.


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