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5 ways to survive the heat - take care of yourself on vacation!

5 ways to survive the heat - take care of yourself on vacation!

Summer is closely associated with strong sunlight and high temperatures. But be careful, because excessive heat can be dangerous to your health. Here are 5 ways to survive the heat and make sure your body has the optimal conditions to function in the heat.

How to beat the heat: drink water regularly

To survive the heat, it is important to stay hydrated. Regular fluid intake helps maintain an optimum body temperature and protects against the risks of overheating. In addition, water contains many valuable minerals (such as magnesium, potassium and calcium) that are essential for everyday life, including affecting the proper functioning of the nervous and

 muscular systems, reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue, and maintaining and maintaining proper energy metabolism. Electrolyte balance. Excessive sweating increases the risk of dehydration and loss of valuable elements, so it is always useful to have a bottle of water or a shaker with an isotonic drink Iso Plus during the holidays. Olymp Sport Nutrition, which will help you effectively quench your thirst.

How to survive the heat: protect your head

The risk of developing heat stroke is usually due to excessive exposure to sunlight. The scalp is so thin that sunlight causes this part of the body to warm up faster. This, in turn, can lead to serious health risks. Therefore, a good way to survive is to wear a hat or bandana (preferably light in color), which can also be moistened with water to cool the head.

How to survive the heat: Avoid hours of intense sunlight

Sunbathers know that a summer day between 12 and 5 p.m. guarantees maximum sunshine. This is also the time of year when the risk of heat stroke is highest and it is best to stay indoors or in a cool room. It is best to avoid sunbathing at this time, as it can do more harm than good.

How to survive the heat: use sunscreen

In hot weather, the sun is harsh on the skin, which without adequate protection can become very dry and damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure the necessary protection and to use cosmetics with sunscreen. It is important to remember that during the first heat it is

 better to use creams or lotions with high protection - the skin is not yet accustomed to strong sunlight, which explains its increased sensitivity to damage. And do not forget that cosmetics should be applied about a quarter of an hour before leaving the house.

How to survive the heat: don't abuse the air conditioning

In modern buildings, the installation of air conditioning has become a standard. More and more people are choosing air conditioners, which allow them to withstand the heat in their home or apartment. But don't go overboard! The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the building should not exceed 6 degrees. Otherwise, the probability of catching a cold is high, which in extreme cases can lead to a more serious problem such as angina or pneumonia.


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