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5 simple ways to avoid infection this fall!

 5 simple ways to avoid infection this fall!

5 simple ways to avoid infection this fall!

Many people are looking for effective ways to boost their immunity. This is especially true as we approach fall, when our bodies are tested with frequently changing weather and temperatures. Here are 5 simple ways to avoid getting infected this fall.

How to avoid infection this fall? Strengthens your body!

Autumn weather is not conducive to physical activity. When it's gray and dark outside, it's hard to go out for a walk or run in the evening. However, do not give up playing sports and spending time outdoors. It is worth getting out of your house regularly, allowing your body to get used to changing weather conditions. A short walk, run or bike ride will be enough to strengthen your body.

How to avoid infection this fall? Eat healthy food!

Remember to eat healthy food. All year round! It is good to include in your daily diet products containing vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and minerals such as zinc, selenium, copper and iron. These substances have many important properties, including a positive effect on the proper functioning of the immune system.


When regular meals are not enough, choose additional supplements. Experts from the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories have prepared Immuno Xplode powder from Olimp Sport Nutrition for physically active people. In addition to the mentioned vitamins (C and D) and a solid dose of zinc, the manufacturer used highly standardized Japanese pagoda extract, elderberry extract and optimally selected amounts of L-cystine and L-glutamine.

Daily immune support can also be provided with the Odpormax Forte nutritional supplement from Olimp Labs. It contains 1,000 mg of Shark Liver Oil and 2,000 IU of Vitamin D, which, along with Vitamin A, zinc and garlic extract, help the immune system function properly.

How to avoid infection this fall? Wear warm clothes!

The drop in temperature associated with the change of seasons greatly increases the risk of developing serious infections. So make sure to wear the right clothes to avoid the cold. Summer clothes should be stored in the wardrobe and replace your everyday clothes with warm jackets and jackets. In the evening, wear a hat, gloves and warm shoes.

How to avoid infection this fall? Take care of your hygiene!

We often forget it. A simple and effective activity, such as washing your hands after returning home, especially if you are in a large group during the day, allows you to eliminate different types of microorganisms from the skin and thus reduce the risk of unwanted infections. Take care of your hygiene. Wash your hands regularly, preferably with warm water and soap!

How to avoid infection this fall? sleep well !

Be active in the fall, eat healthy all year, wear warm clothes, take good care of your hygiene and sleep well! The optimum amount of sleep is necessary for complete regeneration. Thanks to him it is possible to restore lost strength (for example in training or at work), to relieve pain (for example as a result of overwork) and maintain a good mood. Short, interrupted sleep can lead to long-term immune disorders and increase the risk of infection.


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