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5 signs that indicate a lack of vitamins in your body

 5 signs that indicate a lack of vitamins in your body

A varied diet should cover the body's daily needs of essential nutrients. However, there is always a risk of deficiencies. How do you get to know them? Discover 5 signs that your body lacks vitamins!

Loss of energy and feeling tired quickly

One of the most common signs of a vitamin deficiency in the body is a marked decrease in overall energy levels. People with vitamin deficiencies tire more quickly during exercise, in addition to some psychological functions (such as concentration, attention and reaction

 speed) may be disrupted. Often there can also be a decrease in the quality of mental functioning. These symptoms indicate that the body lacks B vitamins (such as niacin, B6, pantothenic acid) and vitamin C.

deterioration of immunity

Weak immunity is also a common sign that the body lacks vitamins. In this case, the common consequences are the weakening of immunity and the protection of cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, among others. Excessive amounts of free radicals affect metabolic efficiency, which may lead to increased susceptibility to pathogenic

 microorganisms. Therefore, people who are deficient in vitamins are more likely to get infections. Weak immunity is a sign of a diet low in vitamins A, C, D, E and K.

Poor condition of skin, hair and nails

A poor diet is closely associated with a deterioration in the appearance of the skin (for example, its firmness, optimal level of hydration or elasticity), increased brittleness of nails or an increased tendency to flaking. . Mucosal abnormalities are also often observed. These symptoms clearly indicate that the body lacks biotin, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Neuromuscular abnormalities

Sometimes the deficiency of the nervous and muscular system is the result of a deficiency of certain vitamins. The most common effects are, for example, painful and tics, irritability, a strong feeling of tension and even a decrease in strength in terms of psychosomatic activity. Such a condition is a sign that the body needs vitamins D, C, and most of the B vitamins.

low bone condition

Inadequate intake of vitamins C, D and K can be dangerous for the bone system. Signs that the body needs to supply the above substances include a decrease in the concentration of calcium in the blood, a deterioration in the condition of the teeth and impaired synthesis of collagen (an essential component of connective tissue and bone structures) .

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