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5 reasons to eat avocado

 5 reasons to eat avocado

Although not everyone likes it, it is worth including it in your daily diet. This fruit contains valuable nutrients for the body, including healthy omega fatty acids. Discover 5 reasons why avocados are worth eating.

5 reasons to eat avocado: a rich source of fat

The main reason why avocados are worth eating is the abundant content of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. These fats, which account for approximately 15% (14.66 grams per 100 grams) of the total weight of the fruit, are essentially healthy omega fatty acids - essential and valuable components of the daily diet, which must be provided to the organization from external sources.

5 reasons to eat avocado: a source of vitamins and minerals

Besides unsaturated fatty acids, avocados contain many other components of equal value. Regular consumption of this fruit can be a great way to reduce the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Each avocado is a rich source of:

  1. phosphorous
  2. Folic acid
  3. magnesium
  4. potassium
  5. sodium
  6. Calcium
  7. Vitamins A, C, E and K

Avocados prove to be beneficial in supporting immunity. In addition to the above vitamins and minerals, it also contains glutathione, lutein and zeaxanthin - substances with powerful antioxidant properties, which help fight free oxygen radicals and protect cells from oxidative stress.

5 Reasons to Eat Avocado: It Suppresses Excessive Appetite

The fat accumulated in avocados can prolong feelings of fullness, which may help reduce the risk of uncontrolled eating and curb excessive appetite. In addition, avocados contain a large amount of dietary fiber (6.7 grams per 100 grams), which is one of the essential

 elements for maintaining a healthy gut and supporting the state of the microflora (the so-called microbiome). Therefore, this fruit (160 calories in 100 grams) can be used successfully when losing weight and fighting stubborn fats.

5 Reasons to Eat Avocado: Complete Support

The high content of magnesium (29 mg in 100 grams of the fruit) indicates that regular consumption of avocado will be beneficial for maintaining the proper functioning of the nervous system. In addition, the magnesium along with potassium (485 mg in 100 grams) and calcium (12 mg in 100 grams) found in avocados have a significant impact on the

 proper functioning of the muscles. The mentioned potassium also has an important effect on regulating blood pressure. Vitamins A (146 IU in 100g) plus lutein and zeaxanthin help maintain good vision.

5 Reasons to Eat Avocados: Extraordinary Taste

A crescent-shaped avocado can be served as a healthy appetizer to whet the appetite for later meals. Well-prepared fruit pulp is an excellent complement to various meals. All you need is a little lemon juice, a little oil, and a pinch of salt and fresh black pepper.

In addition, avocado can be used as an ingredient for:

  • Mexican dishes and snacks
  • Sandwiches, toast and delicious breakfasts
  • Salsa sandwich spreads (guacamole)
  • Mousses and cocktails with added protein supplements
  • Homemade cooking creams


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