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5 leg exercises that don't stress your joints

 5 leg exercises that don't stress your joints

Leg training is not easy. Also, as in the case of other parts of the muscle, technique is critical. Without it, we risk suffering from various types of injuries and trauma to the joints and other elements of the musculoskeletal system, which are subjected to heavy loads. Discover 5 leg exercises that don't stress your joints!

How can I perform exercises so as not to strain my joints?

Before moving on to leg exercises that do not strain your joints, it is worth paying attention to some important points. First of all, do not neglect the warm-up! Before you begin the actual part of your workout plan, you should spend a few minutes doing simple warm-ups for the hips, knees, and ankles. This will reduce the risk of injury.


Second, make sure you wear the right shoes. Choose shoes with a soft sole and adequate ventilation for your feet. Thus you will benefit from optimal shock absorption and true comfort during training.

Third, note the correct position of your feet. Try to keep your feet parallel to each other. Make sure your toes, knees, and feet are not facing inward. Remember to distribute your body weight evenly across the sole.

Finally, fourth, stretch and roll. Two very important post-workout recovery points to aid in recovery after a hard workout.

Examples of 5 leg exercises that don't strain your joints

The list of leg exercises that do not strain the joints is long. It turns out that you can cook an effective leg workout without squats, jumps and various jumps! By choosing the following exercises, you will work hard to work out the muscles of your lower extremities, and you will not strain the mentioned joints. Here are 5 suggestions you should include in your workout plan!

Gluteal bridge / hip thrust - a great exercise to train the gluteal muscles. It can be performed with dumbbells, dumbbells, or with exercise bands.

Copenhagen wedge - a very good proposal for the medial group of the thighs. In addition, it improves the stability of the trunk and engages a number of deep muscles.

Turning the legs in a standing position - an ideal suggestion for people who want to work out the muscles of the lateral part of the thigh. You can use the deadlift, resistance band, or just your own body weight to perform this exercise.

Donkey climbs - an incredibly effective exercise for the development of calves. Remember that this part requires a lot of repetition.

The sling - a real necessity for people who want to take care of the sciatic muscles and knees (biceps - thighs). You can use the steps of the stairs, some equipment, a barbell, or ask your gym mates to help you block your legs.

Of course, these are just a few leg exercises that won't strain your joints. Current knowledge about strength and endurance training in a broad sense is extensive. Therefore, an experienced trainer can suggest other activities that prove to be equally effective and safe.


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