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5 ideas for training by the sea / WORKOUTS

 5 ideas for training by the sea / WORKOUTS

The sound of the sea waves and the holiday sun are the goal of many holiday trips. However, not everyone wants to spend a few days in blissful laziness. Some like active rest and can't imagine sitting idle on the beach. Here are 5 ideas for training by the sea!

## Training at sea: exercises with body weight

During holidays, access to gyms and professional equipment can be severely limited. However, true sports fans can handle themselves in any situation! One of the best ideas for working out by the sea is to do simple exercises using your body weight. Squats, sit-ups,

 push-up variations, sit-ups, and crunches are all great for working your muscles and giving your body a bit of a workout. In addition, some exercise accessories do not take up much space and you can easily take them with you on vacation! Folding handles for push-ups, a set of Olimp Sport Nutrition mini strips or TRX strips fit easily into a travel bag or suitcase.

## Training by the sea: swimming

Swimming is the most obvious idea for a workout by the sea, although some may choose to swim in a pool. However, all options are good! Indeed, swimming solicits the whole body and the risk of injury is low. In addition, it is worth remembering the positive effects on improving cardiorespiratory fitness and motor coordination, among others.

## Training by the sea: running and walking on the beach

Running on the sand is a great idea for training by the sea, especially because it does not require anything from the athlete, except comfortable shoes. The uneven ground of the beach allows you to work your muscles, which will make the whole workout more effective.

 Watch out for injuries though! Running on sand means less stability, which can lead to falls or accidental injuries such as a sprained ankle. Walking can be an alternative. Then a long run on the sand, especially without wearing shoes, will have a valuable effect on your feet.

## Training by the sea: team games

Almost all of the beaches in the holiday resorts offer access to a field for playing amateur football or volleyball matches. Hotels also often offer badminton or Frisbee rackets for hire. This type of training by the sea will not only be a valuable means for your figure, but also an excellent form of entertainment with friends.

## Training by the sea: cycling

A visit to the seaside is often combined with a visit to the surroundings. Seaside resorts invest a lot in infrastructure, as evidenced by the extensive network of cycle paths. A bike ride will be an excellent break from constant sunbathing and will help maintain physical fitness at an appropriate level. Training with a bicycle will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the environment while benefiting your health.


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