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5 eating habits you should adopt today

 5 eating habits you should adopt today

A healthy diet has its own rules. To conscientiously apply the diet plan guidelines, you should start by changing your current lifestyle, especially with regard to food. How do I do it? Here are 5 eating habits you should follow now and take the first step towards your new fit body!

5 Eating Habits: Drink water regularly

Water has been recognized for many years as an important component of a healthy diet and one of the most valuable elements in the daily regimen. Maintaining optimal hydration

 levels is one of the most important healthy eating habits to adopt today. Remember that you need to provide your body with at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Besides water, you can choose juicy fruits and vegetables, hot and cold drinks (unsweetened and preservative-free), as well as soups and creams.

5 Eating Habits: Eat a portion of raw vegetables before meals

The fiber found in plants is a very valuable part of the diet. In addition to filling the stomach, reducing hunger and having a beneficial effect on the state of the digestive system, fiber can also prevent weight gain. Consuming dietary fiber prevents blood sugar levels

 from rising excessively after a meal, thus maintaining normal glucose levels. These properties protect against uncontrolled insulin secretion which often leads to excessive appetite or excessive fat accumulation and weight gain.

5 Eating Habits: Using spices

Spices not only add variety to the taste of meals, but also contain a number of valuable active ingredients. The piperine in black pepper helps the absorption of some vitamins and minerals. Capsaicin, which is found in hot peppers and cayenne peppers, has heating

 properties that may aid in the thermogenesis process, facilitating fat burning and weight loss. Curcumin, which is found in turmeric and curry spices, has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances the functioning of the digestive system. It is interesting to learn more about the beneficial effects of some spices.

5 Eating Habits: Don't eat in the evening

Although the myth of restricting meals after 6 pm has long been debunked, the most important thing is not to overeat. Dinner should be light and satisfying at the same time. Shakes and desserts prepared on the basis of the protein supplement Olimp Sport Nutrition -

 Micellar Casein will prove useful in this regard. Micellar casein is a unique form of protein found in this product, which is digested for approximately 8 hours after consumption! This helps you deal with nighttime hunger, while not causing the problem of excessive stomach retention.

5 Eating Habits: Take care of your microflora

The intestinal flora is a sign not only of the good health of the digestive system, but also of the whole organism. A good diet helps keep him in good shape. It is worth remembering that stress, excessive fatigue or exhausting physical activity can also stress his condition. Olimp Colonbiotic 7GG Sport Edition capsules - an innovative blend of prebiotics and probiotics - are a good choice in this regard. Synbiotic from Olymp Sport Nutrition. It's a real help for microflora!


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