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5 cocktail ideas

 5 cocktail ideas

Many people cannot imagine a healthy and balanced diet without cocktails, which are a very important part of the daily menu. Simplicity and speed of preparation, the possibility of taking it at any time and, above all, a solid portion of calories in a very tasty form - these are just some of the advantages that cocktails offer. Discover 5 satisfying cocktail ideas that you can easily incorporate into your meal plan!

Oat protein shake

Perfect for oatmeal lovers who want to save more time. It's a great choice for a post-workout meal or a quick breakfast. Put a handful of rolled oats in a blender, a serving of Olimp Whey Protein Complex 100%, fruits (such as frozen berries or blueberries) and nuts

 or a serving of Olimp Cashew Butter Cream of Nuts. Add a cup of water, skim milk, or a vegetable drink to the ingredients. Blend until smooth - drink immediately after mixing or leave in the refrigerator for later.

strawberry juice for weight loss

Strawberries do not contain many calories compared to other fruits, so they are a good food for people who are losing weight. In this recipe, strawberries are enriched with the supplement Olimp 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate, a pinch of Olimp 100% peanut butter sauce, ginger, turmeric and a pinch of black pepper - the spicy flavor of the spices

 used will additionally stimulate the digestive system, increasing postprandial thermogenesis. And emphasizing the unique taste of the cocktail. For people who are on a restricted diet to lose weight, it is possible to use Olimp Zero (strawberry) sauce, which will reduce the calorific value of the meal.

High-calorie cocktail to gain weight

For some people, one serving of Gainer isn't enough - which is why we have a solid calorie bomb idea for all you muscle-building enthusiasts! Mix one serving of Olimp Gain Bolic 6000 Protein and Carbohydrate Supplement with a banana, raisins, a handful of flaxseeds

 and one serving of Olimp Almond Butter Cream of Nuts. Instead of water, use 2% milk or half-fat cottage cheese. Everything can be decorated with nuts. One thing is for sure, after such a cocktail, he does not feel hungry!

Refreshing protein cocktail for vegetarians

A portion of the natural protein supplement flavored with Olimp Veggie Protein Complex should be combined with a piece of orange cut into pieces and a little fresh orange juice and nuts. Chocolate and orange lovers can enrich the cocktail with natural cocoa.

keto cocktail

It must be remembered that many athletes follow diets rich in fats. Keto dieters will also find their account. Mix 1 part Olimp Natural 100% Whey Protein Supplement with water, a little bit of 30% cream, 1 part MCT Oil and a little Olimp Smooth Peanut Butter. For the most needy ketophilic lovers, we have prepared a variety - the recipe can be enriched with a shot of espresso. This bulletproof coffee is perfect before morning workouts.


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