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5 bodybuilding exercises!

 5 bodybuilding exercises!

Not a fan of working out with extra weights? Are you looking for a solution to train your entire body without using any equipment? We offer you 5 effective bodybuilding exercises that will help you train your muscles and develop your athletic figure!

5 bodybuilding exercises: push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most popular strength exercises that engage your chest muscles perfectly. You can choose from several different variations of this exercise, which will surely add variety to your training and help you work on your fitness as an athlete. Although

 the exercise itself seems quite simple, its proper implementation requires a lot of experience and a great ability to control the tension of the body and muscles. In short, push-ups are essential in any training program based on your body weight.

5 bodybuilding exercises: squats

Squats are an exercise that most athletes associate with lifting weights. However, nothing prevents you from doing squats only with your body weight. Thanks to squats, you can easily build strength and endurance of the leg muscles, and by making small changes, you can also influence other parameters of the exercise (for example, squatting allows you to train your barometric abilities and increase your strength jumping).

5 Bodybuilding Exercises: Plank

For some, the real duty of training to develop the abdominal muscles and stabilize the torso, for others, an incredible torment. The popular "plank" is certainly one of the most important bodybuilding exercises, which teach how to consciously engage muscle groups. The key, of course, is to maintain the correct starting position. In addition, the “plank” can be performed in different shapes (classic from the front or from the side) and with additional weight.

5 Bodybuilding Exercises: Pull-ups

When it comes to developing back strength and endurance, the upward pull should definitely be mentioned. The use of the pull-up bar and the different positions of the hands (forward, backward, with the hammer) make it possible to achieve a completely different effect of the exercise on shaping the characteristic shape of the back. Performing gentle

 pulling motions (specifically, pulling and pulling the shoulders) is a very good energizing exercise before continuing with the exercise. If it turns out that your body weight is not enough, you can use the extra weight tied to a special belt.

5 Bodybuilding Exercises: Dips

When thinking about developing triceps with the help of strength exercises, we should also mention dips. These popular exercises provide a very effective triceps stretch to emphasize muscle contraction and tension during movement. Depending on the starting position, the chest muscles can also be involved more or less during the exercise.


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