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5 benefits of DES training / WORKOUTS

 5 benefits of DES training / WORKOUTS

Electrostimulation of muscles enjoys uninterrupted popularity. This innovative training method has gained many followers in a short time, which has contributed to its increasing availability in fitness clubs, for example. What is this phenomenon? Here are 5 benefits of EMS training that should convince even the most resistant to new developments in the fitness industry.

## Involvement of deep muscles

One of the most important advantages of EMS training is the strong effect on postural muscles. These deep muscles, which are responsible for central trunk stabilization and proprioception (i.e. deep body sensation), are often overlooked in everyday life. Even

 people who exercise regularly may find it difficult to maintain their peak state or lack the skills to activate them. Their poor condition can be observed in people who spend a lot of time at their desks, for example, by excessive weakening of the abdominal muscles, which can often cause back pain. EMS training allows you to exercise them solidly.

## EMS training promotes fat loss

EMS training has an exceptionally strong effect on muscle structures. The exercises carried out in combination with electrostimulation make it possible to perform up to 150 times more muscle contractions than in the case of usual activities. This means that a single

 electrostimulation can burn more than 1200 calories! This is a definite advantage for people who are in the process of losing weight and shaping a slim body. In addition, electrostimulation perfectly supports the fight against cellulite.

## EMS training - a method accessible to all

The high level of safety and the low level of difficulty mean that EMS training can be practiced by everyone. People of all ages and experience levels, including those with no previous athletic experience, can participate in EMS classes. It's a great option to take the first step towards an active lifestyle!

## EMS training - an incredible time saver

Many people choose not to go to the gym due to the long duration of training units. Not everyone can afford to train 3 days a week and dedicate 60-90 minutes to it. Especially if it means an extra trip to a fitness club. With EMS training, the real advantage is the short

 course duration! You only need one to two sessions per week, one session lasting between 20 and 30 minutes maximum. Saving about an hour a week for a complex total body workout is definitely a big plus for busy and overworked people.

## EMS training and back pain

Activation of deep muscle structures can eliminate problems resulting from a low level of physical activity. This is why EMS training often complements physiotherapeutic treatment. Therapists gladly recommend this type of training to people who suffer from various back pains. Especially since it does not increase the risk of aggravating existing problems.


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