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4 tips to keep fit during the holidays

 4 tips to keep fit during the holidays

Maintaining a lean body and being in good shape is closely related to the persistence of certain decisions. Although it may seem impossible in some situations, in practice, there is always a chance of achieving a diet or exercise plan. How ? Here are 4 ideas for keeping fit during the holidays without overeating.

How to stay fit during the holidays: get active!

For many people, holidays are synonymous with happy laziness, which is a very big mistake. The opportunity to do a full workout in the gym doesn't always come up, but there is always a small chance of getting some exercise in. In order not to lose shape, you can decide to do some exercises at home with your own body weight - for this, a very good

 solution is a quick and at the same time very exhausting one. On the other hand, it is worth considering the vacation period as a form of body renewal. Therefore, hiking can be a good option, which is definitely better than lying on the couch for several hours.

How to keep fit during the holidays: Don't forget to hydrate

Water is very important to staying in shape while on vacation. Often on the festive table there are a lot of hard-to-digest foods, which can settle in the stomach and slow down the metabolic rate. Regular fluid intake helps the digestive system function optimally and

 reduces the feeling of fullness. In addition, water supports the system's natural cleansing mechanisms of accumulated toxins. A good way to monitor hydration is with mobile apps that remind you to drink another glass of water.

How to stay fit during the holidays: Use healthy alternatives

If you prepare festive dishes yourself, you can prepare them according to your diet and daily balance. However, we visit family most of the time at Christmas, who may not necessarily care about our fitness needs. However, it is interesting to present healthy solutions in the kitchen. Greek yogurt for sauce instead of fatty cream, vinaigrette for salad made with olive oil and lean white meat instead of fatty red meat, these are some examples that will help you not lose shape.

How to keep fit during the holidays: use spices

In addition to contributing to the flavor of foods, they can also help maintain an optimal body weight. How ? The capsaicin and piperine in hot peppers and black peppers have an effect on thermogenesis, which increases heat production and may be beneficial in fat loss.

 In addition, its spicy taste stimulates the metabolism process. The curcumin in turmeric has valuable anti-inflammatory properties, while ginger supports the digestive system and affects the increase in body temperature after eating. However, it must be remembered that spices should be used in moderation so as not to irritate the stomach.


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