4 Tabata Training Inspiration

 4 Tabata Training Inspiration

The popularity of Tabata exercises all over the world is due to the combination of two important points: a short duration and a high level of efficiency in terms of working out the figure. We give you 4 Tabata training inspirations, allowing you to break your current routine.

4 Inspirations for Tabata Training - Military Tabata or Military Training

Military Tabata is one of the four inspirations of Tabata training, the complex nature of the exercises offered makes it possible to effectively engage the entire body, improve physical condition and body efficiency, and above all strengthen muscles.


Military training includes:

  • squat
  • mountain racing
  • Classic pumps
  • kick-up exercises
  • Burpees - Drop - Rise

4 Tabata training inspirations - ABS, any abdominal muscle exercises

Another source of inspiration for Tabata training is the abdominal muscles, that is, exercises aimed at developing the abdominal muscles and eliminating the accumulated fatty tissue. It's a perfect suggestion for people who want a "six-pack" and lose the ugly sides of the waist. Here is the list of exercises:

  • setbacks
  • knives
  • Dead insect with outstretched legs
  • Alternate extends toward the ankles in a supine position
  • Abdomen in a lying position, feet together.

4 inspirations for Tabata training - Mobility Tabata, that is, exercises that improve the movement of the body

The third inspiration for Tabata training can be exercises that improve body movement (Tabata Mobility). This suggestion is an ideal alternative for people who are not convinced of the possibility of performing exercises responsible for increased mobility. The fast pace of Tabata training does not allow boredom to pass, and the body is a real challenge! Convince yourself of this by performing the following series of exercises!

  • worm
  • Cossack squatting
  • downward facing dog
  • Trunk swings
  • Hip squat

Tabata Strength - Inspiration strength exercises for Tabata training

Typical strength training exercises can be a great source of inspiration for Tabata training. That is why it is useful to use additional loads other than body weight, for example very practical 500ml water bottles.

  • squat
  • pull the dead
  • Kayaking in the fall
  • Forward squat press
  • Thruster - squat with overhead press
  • Tabata Training and Supplements

Although Tabata only lasts 4 minutes, its high level of intensity is hard to deny. In many cases, during this short time, a lot of salts and water are lost with sweat. Therefore, it is useful to pay attention to daily nutrition and hydration of the body during exercise. Supplements will prove to be a good support, helping to provide the necessary active

 ingredients. One of them is the isotonic Olimp Iso Plus Drink. It is an easily soluble powder that allows you to prepare an isotonic drink with a refreshing taste and a high content of many valuable components. This dietary supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition contains

 carbohydrates, essential vitamins, electrolytes (magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium) and valuable amino acids (L-glutamine and L-carnitine). The product will prove useful as a support during intense physical exercise and will help you deal with hydration issues. The

 supplement is recommended for both amateurs and professionals. The high quality of the product is guaranteed by the pharmaceutical company Olimp Labs - one of the leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements and preparations for physically active people.

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