3 healthy breakfast ideas

 3 healthy breakfast ideas

Another morning with no idea about your first meal? Here are 3 healthy breakfast ideas that will provide you with valuable nutrients and a good dose of energy for the rest of the day!

Protein-wrapped oats with fruit and hazelnut cream

The first idea of ​​a healthy breakfast is a quick and easy porridge that can be prepared in a few minutes. The required components are:

  • 30g rolled oats (rolled or instant)
  • 150 grams of your favorite fruit (we recommend combining bananas with sweet and sour forest fruits, for example currants or blackberries)
  • Approx 50g plain or vegan yogurt
  • 1 serving of Olympe 100% Whey Protein Complex
  • A handful of nuts, such as cashews
  • 100% olympse peanut butter sauce

Prepare rolled oats with water or milk according to the instructions on the package. When bloated, add yogurt and a protein supplement (like Olimp Whey Protein Complex 100% or Olimp Veggie Protein Complex). Mix everything together and add the fruit and nuts, then top with a little nut cream.

High protein omelette with vegetables

For many people, omelettes are a real challenge. That's why Olymp Sport Nutrition comes to their rescue. The Olympe Hi-Pro Omelet Gold is an easy-to-make omelet that contains no grain flour, gluten, sugar, table salt or sweeteners. Its formula consists mainly of healthy egg whites, coconut flour and a solid part of the fibres.

Mix one serving in 150ml of water until smooth. Pour the mixture into a hot frying pan with a small amount of fat and fry until the optimum consistency is achieved. To season the omelette, you can add your favorite seasonings (such as pepper, curry, paprika, and a pinch of cayenne pepper) to the prepared mixture.

Such an omelette accompanied by fresh vegetables or other products (for example, mozzarella, feta, cold cuts or tofu) is the perfect idea for a healthy breakfast.

Delicious protein pancake with chocolate sauce

No idea for a healthy breakfast with a sweet version? Definitely worth trying the protein pancakes from Olimp Sport Nutrition. Especially since it only takes 3 minutes to prepare!

The main product is Olimp Hi Pro Pancakes - a composition of ingredients, 40% of which are a high-quality protein mixture (whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed, as well as egg white). Dissolve one serving in 75ml of water and stir until smooth. Then pour it into a hot frying pan and fry until you get the desired consistency. You have the choice between 4 flavors:

  1. spice bread
  2. Apple and cinnamon
  3. Coconut (with added natural shavings)
  4. Berries (enriched with freeze-dried fruit)
  5. Prepared omelettes can be served with nuts and topped with Olymp Zero Chocolate Sauce.

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