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16 recipes for a successful outdoor picnic!

 16 recipes for a successful outdoor picnic!

What's high on our to-do list this summer? A walk in the middle of nature, of course! What could be nicer than getting together with friends or family to share good meals for a picnic.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to prepare certain things in advance. In addition to snacks, there are also things that you absolutely have to bring, including a large tablecloth, which will serve not only food, but also other guests.

What else should you think about? Maybe some comfortable pillows, a basket to hold everything, ice bags, cutlery (preferably wooden or bamboo), plates, glasses, napkins, bottle opener, cork, pocket knife, and of course water. Make sure you are getting enough water, especially if the sun is shining and hot.

To create a special atmosphere, why not put some music on. First, create a playlist with some relaxing music to spend a relaxing time with your loved ones. And on the day of the picnic, do not forget about pregnant.

Picnic snacks

On a trip in nature, what should you pack in a picnic basket? In fact, you can take whatever you want. However, there is an unspoken rule: heat-sensitive or messy snacks should be kept at home. For this reason, it is better to eat banana bread at home instead of a cream pie. It is a safe bet and a healthier alternative.

To avoid placing them everywhere, it is also better to prepare appetizers or small portions of food, which will be easy to transport. In addition, anything eaten cold can also be part of the trip. Concretely, we will give you some recipe ideas adapted for picnics that will conquer the hearts of gourmets.

Our tip before you start eating homemade meals: If you need a few extra snacks for a picnic, you can pack a bundle of protein cookies.

salted muffin

These delicious pancakes are high in protein because they're made with eggs, cheese, ground almonds, and instant oats. Very easy to mix ingredients! All you have to do is add veggies for the micronutrients: grated carrots for softness and roasted peppers for the sweet, smoky side. Perfect to take and enjoy on the go.

Cauliflower hummus

Creamy cauliflower hummus with all the flavors of hummus without hummus! To enjoy with homemade protein crackers and fresh vegetables. Perfect for an aperitif or a picnic.

Artichoke and spinach dip

It's not just mayonnaise and ketchup in life! You can also enjoy grilled vegetables and other grilled meats with delicious homemade sauces. Today we offer you a spinach and artichoke dip made with cashew nuts and white cheese. A creamy sauce that will delight the taste buds at your next barbecue!

Tabbouleh with tuna

The star of the picnic is of course the salad. And here, this delicious tabbouleh is perfectly suited to the conditions, because the ice cubes keep it cold and, unlike some green salads, it does not become mushy after a while. And the best part is that this recipe doesn't require complicated preparation steps or lengthy cooking.

chicken wraps

These wrappers are especially appreciated, as they are easy and quick to prepare. Our chicken roll recipe can serve you very well as a base and you can adapt it to your taste by adding the ingredients of your choice, such as corn or carrots.

Focaccia fitness version

On a personal level, picnics are a lot more fun when you can dip a little bread into the sauce and nibble on it all. And we've got a fitness version of this delicious recipe for you: Guilt-free guarantee. We have added a portion of whey protein to improve the nutritional values ​​of the dough.


What would an appetizer be without a sauce to dip your bread in? Our hummus recipe seems to hit the spot! It guarantees a great creamy result and is prepared in no time, if not in 5 minutes.


It's definitely small, but delicious, what a treat! Delicious dough twists filled with ground beef score points with their flavor and healthy ingredients. Nothing like this perfect appetizer to spice up any picnic.

Banana bread vegan and fluffy

We talked about it above and of course we don't want to deprive you of this vegan banana bread recipe. It is naturally moist and sweet. Vegetable proteins allow you to save a little sugar and flour.

Peanut Butter Dates

Want an explosion of flavors, which one is healthier? So why not treat your guests with peanut butter dates. If you're lacking in energy, this delicious snack will also give you a good boost.

Homemade seed crackers

Goodbye bad fats and sugar. With these homemade crackers, we control what we eat. These delicious, crunchy, low-carb snacks can be enjoyed easily or dipped in broth.

Chilli sauce and fresh cheese

Packed with protein, light and airy, this sweet chili sauce is the perfect accompaniment to low-carb crackers.

Cabbage rolls with millet and peanut butter

We simply replaced tortillas with crunchy cabbage leaves to make fresh rolls thus saving some calories and carbs. The taste is not necessarily distorted.

tuna protein sandwich

A sandwich doesn't have to be full of carbs. With our Tuna Protein Sandwich, we're changing things up and focusing on protein.

Mini Falafel Skewer

Our mini falafel skewers are not only suitable for parties, but we can totally make them for an outdoor picnic. By the way, their elegance is also a real feast for the eyes.

coconut protein balls

No added sugar, wrapped in a jiffy: This dessert that mixes coconut flakes and whey is a must for picnics.

Mini cheesecake

With these mini cheesecakes, we bring you a new kind of low carb dessert that will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

Buying picnic snacks: the most suitable foods

Snack should not be prepared in advance. In fact, raw vegetables are also ideal for picnic meals. And naturally packaged foods, such as bananas, are also particularly suitable.

Here are some examples of foods popular among hawkers that are systematically found in their shopping carts: watermelon, grapes, hard cheese, ham, cucumbers, figs, apples, peaches, peaches,

 strawberries, raspberries, raspberries, cherries, nuts of all kinds, cherry tomatoes, olives, cabbage, radishes, carrots and garnishes.


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