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Why and how does it work on your back?

 Why and how does it work on your back?

Back from the evils of our century! Back pain, cervical pain, back pain ... Physiotherapy practices are overcrowded with patients with back or lower back pain. 80% of French people will suffer from back pain at least once in their life! It is up to you to choose which side you prefer to be in...

This is not inevitable because there are clearly solutions and procedures to avoid or treat pain that can be very disabling on a daily basis.

I protect my back

The first preventive measure is physical activity. Our comfortable, sedentary lives contribute to our muscles atrophy to the point where they end up not supporting us. So doing physical activity is the first step in maintaining muscle density, and expanding our independence. As such, to choose between an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer, the choice should be on the elliptical.

The second preventive measure is the work of this specific area of ​​the body. The back is a complex area. Very innervated and made up of large muscles but also small muscles, the back is physiologically complex and difficult to function as such. Depending on the desired goal, different movements and pressures will be applied.

You have strengthened my back

Muscle strengthening will primarily focus work on the small spinal muscles that are stabilizing in order to ensure a person's posture. The movement is especially recommended in this perspective: the bust statement.

To start, you can make a "Superman". Lie on your stomach, arms and legs extended straight, raise them at the same time. Remember to breathe well to maintain the position for longer.

An interesting example is holding the position for 15 seconds and taking 45 seconds of rest.

Adapt this schedule by increasing effort time and decreasing rest time.

Example: 25 seconds of effort and 35 seconds of rest, bearing in mind that 1 minute = 1 series.

Do 3 to 5 sets of this movement while hydrating while at rest.

One variation of this exercise is to do many repetitions of the movement and not stay still like the previous example.

This will cause your body and your muscles to react differently by recruiting other muscle fibers.

This time, in the same starting position, simultaneously raise your legs and arms before releasing muscle contractions. Repeat at least 25 reps, and this is your first set. After about two minutes of rest, start a series again. You can do, in total, 3 to 5 sets of 25 repetitions. Small muscles and deep muscles respond well to stimulation of long chains; So I advise you to alternate between these two methods.

I developed my back

For a stronger and more aesthetically toned back, 3 movements are necessary:



• Deadlift drag

It is a very powerful exercise because it works the muscle groups:

The deadlift consists of raising the wheel from the floor to a standing position, arms straight, back flat, abdominal muscles taut and shoulder blades tight. Accompaniment is necessary when starting this movement to avoid some posture errors.

This movement will make you gain strength. At first, you may feel some discomfort in the forearms because they take on all the load by locking the wrists tightly. I personally use pull ups so I can focus on my back muscles.

Pull-ups are another basic movement of the back.

They mobilize the latissimus dorsi muscle which, under hypertrophic training, allows for this "V" silhouette. It is a difficult movement because it requires some physical strength. When performing, the elbows should be facing down so that it is the back muscles that

 work, not the shoulders. The shoulder blades should be tightened in the low position and reduced in the high position so that the latissimus dorsi muscle is fully engaged. There are 3 hand positions for performing pull-ups. The most difficult is the pronation grip

 (palm) because the biceps muscle is less tense. So you can perform pull-ups in a neutral position (also called a hammer grip) or in a supine (palm) position where the biceps are most engaged to loosen the back muscles. for beginners,

Besides these two basic movements, other exercises allow the bodybuilder to develop his back such as oblique barbell row, dumbbell row, horizontal / vertical pull ... your back in many ways.


# 1. Hydration

I recommend drinking throughout your session to keep your muscles hydrated during the effort. Personally, I use BCAAs to help with recovery and thus avoid pains the next day.

To recover, you need to make sure you are consuming enough water but also enough protein so that your muscles can rebuild and get ready for your next workout!

# 2. Execution:

As with all movements in bodybuilding, the workload is not necessary. But what a execution for movement. By neglecting execution in favor of weight, this can lead to injuries and the muscles will be less stressed and therefore there will be little or no muscle progress.

#3. Breathing: In order to perform each exercise well, it is necessary to breathe well.

It is necessary to exhale during the central phase (lifting the load) - the dynamic phase for 1 second and inhale during the eccentric phase (return to the starting position) - 3 seconds.

The back and its many muscles that make up it are one of the most important parts of the human body because it heals the body and makes us gain agility in our daily lives. So it is very important to

 take care of it. To be more effective in building back muscles and getting better faster, it is necessary to work the muscles of the arms: biceps and triceps.


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