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What is outdoor fitness?

What is outdoor fitness?

When the weather is fine, take the opportunity to keep in shape outside of the gym. Here are 5 exercises to do outdoors.

You can do it separately or as a circle. In the second case, the goal will be the series of exercises by giving you 30 seconds of recovery between each one. Make sure to increase the intensity with each

 exercise. Do 3 or more laps, depending on your level. If you're in an open area, you can replace 30 seconds of recovery with 3 minutes of jogging. This will build muscle and heart. To make this exercise effective, do it at least twice a week, preferably for 4 or 5 weeks.

Test our training guide for an effective fitness session!

To follow these 5 outdoor fitness exercises, you will need a jump rope and small weights. Before you begin, make sure you're warm, take a water bottle with you and let's go!

Correct warm-up:

- 4 minutes of running

1 Minute Abdominal Workout: Lie on the floor, bend your legs and bring them toward your stomach to form a 90-degree angle. Hands are placed behind the head to loosen the neck (do not pull the head

 forward). Inhale and exhale while moving the chest forward while pulling the chin. Tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your lower back flush with the floor. Return to the initial position smoothly.

- 15 squats: standing, back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Inhale and then bend your legs, keeping your torso as straight as possible. During the movement, your legs should not go beyond the vertical

 between the thighs and calves. Exhale to return to the initial position, push up, and squeeze the heels. Remember to contract your abdominal muscles by tightening your stomach throughout the exercise. Look far ahead to keep your balance.

Exercise 1: Rope jumping

- Objective: To work on cardio exercises and improve breathing.

- Execution of the exercise: jump rope at a steady pace. To increase the difficulty, double down (two turns of the rope to jump).

Breathing: breathe normally during exercise.

Safety Instructions: Make sure you don't put your heels on and look straight ahead.

- Number of repetitions: 1 minute and 30 without interruption.

Exercise 2: Basic

Muscles used: the abdominal muscles (rectum and oblique).

Perform the exercise: Stand facing forward, resting on your forearms and feet. Align your body to the fullest extent and raise your pelvis. Form a 90-degree angle between your upper body and your arms.

Breathing: breathe normally during exercise.

Safety Instructions: Make sure your shoulder is in line with your elbow and your navel is bent toward your spine.

Repetitions: Hold the position for 30 seconds or more, depending on your level.

Exercise 3: jumping jacks

Muscles used: gluteus, adductor.

The goal: to improve breathing.

- Execution of the exercise: standing, feet together, arms along the body. Jump up to spread your legs (a little more than shoulder width) and touch your hands above your head at the same time. Return to the initial position. Keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.

Breathing: inhale as you spread your legs apart, and exhale when you close them.

Safety Instructions: Keep your stomach folded throughout the exercise and stay on your front foot.

- Number of repetitions: Maximum repetitions for 30 seconds.

Exercise 4: lunch

Muscles used: quadriceps, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

- Execution of the exercise: stand, feet hip-width apart, and take a step forward. Hands on hips, look in front of you and bring back knee to floor level and then back. To increase the difficulty, do the lunge jump: Jump to reverse the position of the feet at the end of each lunge.

Breathing: inhale while descending and exhale while ascending.

Safety Instructions: Make sure to keep the front knee aligned over the ankle to avoid injury. Tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your chest straight.

Repetitions: Do 8 lunges on one side, then the same on the other side.

Exercise 5: Hunting + Boxing

Muscles used: the adductor muscle, the triceps muscle.

Perform the exercise: Make chase steps between two points spaced about 15 meters apart. When you reach each end, do 10 free kicks in front of you with dumbbells in your hands.

Breathing: breathe normally during the hunting steps. For boxing, exhale with each punch.

Safety Instructions: Always look forward to stand straight and keep your stomach muscles tight.

The number of repetitions: a maximum of 45 seconds.


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