Unhealthy breakfast: foods to avoid

 Unhealthy breakfast: foods to avoid

Fill with vitality and energy for the day. This sounds good, but for many, the reality is very different. Unhealthy breakfast robs us of strength, energy, focus, and above all, it's hard to tell what's bad for your health. To help you do that, we will reveal hidden sugars, bad habits, and other things not to do in the morning.

For people who want to lose weight, in particular, it is essential to ensure that they have eaten a healthy diet first thing in the morning. These 3 golden rules for a healthy breakfast can be very beneficial for you.

#1: Coffee or make a misfortune!

For most French people, coffee is a staple at breakfast. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this if it is already black coffee. And why not add a drop of milk or a vegan alternative (1 to 2 tbsp).

 However, those who prefer a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or another coffee-based beverage mixed with a healthy dose of milk, sugar, or syrup also eat plenty of calories, sugar, and fat. A sugar-free latte

 macchiato alone contains approximately 200 calories. Dried cappuccinos can already contain six grams of sugar per 100 ml of syrup.

Therefore, a hot drink in the morning should also be taken into account in the so-called balanced diet. If you want to avoid unhealthy breakfasts, prepare them yourself and reduce your milk and sugar intake. This rule also applies to tea and tea-containing beverages.

Number 2: a very greasy breakfast

Are you one of those people who love to eat salty in the morning and who happily choose a little Charcuterie to accompany their slice of bread? Sorry to disappoint you, but it's better to give up. In fact, deli

 meats not only contain a high amount of unhealthy fatty acids, but they have also been classified as carcinogens by the World Health

 Organization. Smoked, pickled, and salted meats, and deli meats, in particular, should be eaten only infrequently. In addition, these foods often contain various additives such as preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Vegetable spread is better for your health and, by the way, for the planet, too. For a delicious breakfast, nothing is better than hummus. Those who prefer to start their day with a sweet taste can also try the protein-rich walnut spread.

No. 3: Cereals Stuffed with Sugar

Muesli is great because it's quick to prepare, keeps for a long time, is well-packed and full of healthy ingredients. Or at least that's what the advertising industry is trying to make us believe. We willingly ignore

 the saying that most products contain a significant amount of sugar. Foodwatch even described cereals marketed to children as "disguised sweets in the form of muesli," because the products studied turned

 out to be real sugar bombs. When you go shopping, pay attention to the sugar content of the cereal you buy and mix it with at least an equal amount of soy or oat flakes.

No. 4: It's better to forget about ready-made food

Nowadays, you can eat almost anything and eat it on the go. It is very convenient, but it is better to take the time to enjoy your breakfast. Because if you eat something in a hurry, you swallow the

 food and do not realize how much food you have eaten. And a lot of times, we're not quite ready then. Added to this is prepared food, which is generally considered to be particularly unhealthy, such as

 pastries, pastries or pastries. Moreover, if we allow ourselves to be tempted by a drink made of coffee and milk, we get the perfect example of an unhealthy breakfast.

Tip: If you're really in a hurry in the morning, our breakfast dishes are for you. It only takes a few minutes before you can dip your spoon into these delicious and delicious dishes full of superfoods.

Number 5: It's Sunday every day

In German there is a phrase that says: “He who eats cake, biscuits and chocolate every day, no longer knows how to distinguish Sunday from other days, and this is a real shame. And nothing is more

 correct. In fact, Sunday breakfast often consists of the most delicious small plates. Like croissants, which are rather unhealthy foods that shouldn't be on every day menu.They are usually packed

 with sugar, bad fats and empty carbs.However, sometimes you can allow yourself crepes, pancakes, etc., as long as they don't It becomes a daily habit.Or you can decide to opt for a healthier alternative.Our protein pancakes with an extra serving of protein and no added sugars are a good example.

No. 6: Excess Fruit

Fruit, juices, and smoothies seem, at first glance, to be the definition of healthy eating. However, it is now in the category of unhealthy breakfast foods because, as the saying goes, it is the potion that

 makes the poison. An apple, a banana, or a handful of strawberries are all delicious ingredients that are also a good part of a healthy breakfast. But pure fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and almost no

 fiber. Smoothies can also turn into sugar bombs because they often contain a lot of fruit that you will never eat. Ready-to-eat products are supplemented with fruit juice most often.The problem is that they contain fructose, because in large quantities it can damage the liver.

The general rule is: Eat two servings of fruit a day. If you are making your own juice, add vegetables to it as well. You can also dilute fruit juices with water.

#7: Plenty of Carbs

Sometimes we only consume carbs (empty) for breakfast, and that's in a completely unconscious way. Pretzels from the bakery, toast with jam or cornflakes definitely give us instant energy, but they do

 rattle our blood sugar levels in the morning. If this is your case, you can already expect to experience cravings and, in the long run, weight gain. It is best to choose whole products and combine them with proteins and healthy fats.

Unhealthy breakfast, foods to avoid: our conclusion

Changing bad breakfast habits is all about getting into a healthy routine. For example, replace instant cappuccino with fresh coffee with a drop of milk, wholemeal bagel, cold cuts with plant-based

 alternatives, and cornflakes with unsweetened cereal flakes. These simple tips will help you lay the groundwork for healthy eating and

 fuel for the day. Therefore, nothing consciously prevents you from tasting less healthy delicacies during brunch now and then.

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