Top 30 tips to stay fit all summer

 Top 30 tips to stay fit all summer

We've been waiting for it for a long time and it has finally arrived: summer is here! But even the best season can put your body to the test. So that you can spend the summer months healthy, we've put

 together 30 tips to help your body, because it has to offer so much when it's hotter than winter. Here we tell you what makes him feel good in the moment and what's best to avoid. We wish you great experiences!

1 - Drink, drink, and drink again. This may seem obvious, but it's more important during the summer months than usual. In fact, when your body becomes dehydrated, it not only becomes more difficult to follow your regular exercise program, but it can also become

 dangerous. For this reason, during the hot months, you can drink up to 3 liters of fluid per day, preferably drinking water, unsweetened soaking or tea; If you choose cold ginger tea, you will benefit from the double effect (see tip #17).

CocoWhey is also a way to rejuvenate and feel like you're on the beach. This isotonic drink provides you with 20 grams of protein per serving and is ideal after training, or as a delicious summer drink to drink between meals.

2- Adapt Your Workout Program to Summer: Is it too hot for your regular HIIT session or your gym workout? Do a water sport, and in addition to a fitness program that works the whole body, you'll get

 sun and freshness as a bonus. In addition to swimming, there are many alternatives such as jet-skiing, jet-skiing, kayaking, windsurfing or stand-up paddle: just try what you like.

3- Try healthy alternatives to ice cream, because ice cream is an integral part of summer. nicecream is a healthier, sugar-free alternative to even vegan ice cream that you can even make yourself

 easily: just freeze a banana overnight and mix it the next day with peanut butter and a little water for a creamy treat. And there you are, healthy summer refreshments. Peanut butter contains 350 grams of nuts, and provides you with a good dose of protein, without the sugar.

4 - To exercise, avoid the hottest hours: Practice your training during the cooler hours of the morning and evening. It doesn't matter whether you want to work out in the gym or burn calories outdoors:

 if the temperatures rise in summer, do your workout before 10 a.m. or, if you fail, start training in the evening only at 7 or 8 Evening, totally worth it. Your cardiovascular system will thank you.

5- Drink it hot instead of cold: When it's hot, we tend to have a cold drink. But that's exactly what's counterproductive in heat, because the body also expends a lot of energy to heat up what's cold. It is best

 to have hot drinks such as herbal tea or tea (such as peppermint tea). These protect you from overheating because they dilate the blood vessels, so your blood can make better use of the fluid.

6- Cool the sheets before dark: Good sleep also contributes to feeling more comfortable and in better condition during the day. However, most people roll in bed unable to sleep when the temperatures

 outside remain tropical even at night. Before spending these nights, it may be helpful to put his sheets in a large plastic bag in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. This is because in a cooler environment, the body can also cool down more quickly.

7- Eat dinner but right: Eating heavy foods in the evening and then being exposed to high temperatures during the night is a guarantee of poor sleep. That is why we recommend that you eat light and

 balanced meals in the evening. In particular, foods containing tryptophan (the initial stage of the sleep hormone melatonin) can help you sleep better and sleep soundly. So in the evening, prepare turkey, beef, chicken, fish or egg dishes and eat smaller portions.

8 - Biting a watermelon: In summer, what's better than a sweet and juicy watermelon? Provides plenty of fluid and fiber. But it is often impossible to tell whether the fruit has already reached the

 appropriate degree of maturity from the outside. In order not to buy a delicate and tasteless watermelon again, you can pay attention to the following clues: the more pronounced the yellow spot, the longer the watermelon will be stored and the more ripe (and sweeter) the

 watermelon will be. Placing a light spout on it using the flat of your hand can also help: if you feel a slight vibration, the watermelon has reached its perfect ripeness.

9- Consume a lot of protein: Especially in the summer, when we prefer snacks rather than large meals, it is not easy for athletes and

 women to meet their daily protein needs. To supply your muscles with protein, simply take Clear Whey*. It tastes very light and refreshing and contains 26g of protein per serving.

10 - Don't forget to warm up: Do you think you can start exercising right away, because you are already hot? It's a bad idea, because even when the ambient temperatures are warmer, it's a good idea to

 prepare your tendons, ligaments, and muscles for future exercise. This means that to stay fit and healthy, you should follow your usual warm-up routine, even in summer.

11- We consume enough minerals: When we train in the summer, we lose many minerals that are very important for the functioning of the body due to sweating. So try to eat plenty of fresh foods, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, soybeans, and cheese, to make up for the mineral loss.

Magnesium is also an important mineral. It contributes, among other things, to the normal functioning of the muscles and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. In case of increased requirements of micronutrients such as magnesium and zinc, we recommend the use of Zn: Mg capsules. **

12- Drink alcohol in moderation: Hot days and mild summer nights encourage drinking one or two more drinks. But alcohol not only

 deprives the body of fluid, but also deprives the body of minerals, which are very important. That is why you should drink alcohol in moderation, even in summer, and choose the non-alcoholic type more often.

13 - Above all, do not take a cold shower: If you take a cold shower in the hope that you will calm down, it is completely counterproductive for your body. This is because the cold constricts

 the blood vessels, making you sweat more after a shower than before, as your body first has to adapt to the warmer outside temperatures. It is best to shower with lukewarm water so as not to put more pressure on your body.

14 - Using tightrope: If it's hot and dry outside, this is the perfect time to stretch tightrope, preferably between two trees, in the cold, in the shade. Slacklining is great for coordination skills and works our core muscles, but it doesn't sweat as much as a demanding workout.

15 - Choosing the right sportswear: To avoid producing more residual heat, choose light, airy clothes for exercising in the summer, preferably shorts and ventilated shirts.

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