The perfect summer fitness routine

The perfect summer fitness routine

Summer will soon arrive, and with it, busy weekends and holidays and all that time we want to spend outside by the lake or on the terrace of a café. We fall back from our usual routine and this change

 often makes us a world of good. But unfortunately, we quickly lose sight of our regular training. Obviously, everyone would rather spend a nice summer evening in the park with friends than a crowded

 summer evening! Fortunately, both are compatible. In order not to sacrifice your training routine this summer while taking full advantage of the summer season and all its attractions, we give you the best tips for combining the two.

1 - Be flexible

The seasons change and your workouts should adapt accordingly. You don't have to train the same way all year, and besides, it's not necessarily recommended. Flexibility allows you to fine tune your

 workout routine, because introducing variety is not only good for your motivation, but also for your body. You can do strength training outside of the gym with the right equipment like resistance bands, but you can also try a new activity. When it is very hot, water sports

 are especially indicated. Have you ever tried stand-up paddleboarding? Or would you rather calm down with a swim? The possibilities available to you are endless, so take this opportunity and try new things.

2 - It is better to train for a short period of time than not at all

In the summer we go out a lot, meet friends, we want to enjoy the sun, but we also always want to do our daily tasks in parallel.

 Sometimes there is little time left for training. The solution might be a short but effective workout, preferably at home or, even better, outdoors. Lacking inspiration? Here you will find external body weight exercises: check it out.

3- Try an early morning workout

One of the many benefits of summer is that the sun rises early. In the morning we have more energy and start the day with more motivation. Is it the same for you? So, use this energy to perform your training in the morning. It may not be easy at first, but it's worth it. By doing this, you can also avoid heat and you can form a more effective workout.

4- Don't forget to eat protein

Ice cream here, cold drink there, and of course french fries from the outdoor pool snack bar. In the summer, our diet is often different from the rest of the year. However, you should not forget to supply

 your muscles with enough protein*. Specifically when you're less hungry due to the heat, a whey protein shake can be a very good solution, especially if it tastes as light as lemonade. Clear Whey is the summer version of our classic whey protein and refreshes you after your workout.

5- Find yourself a training partner

When the weather is nice, we like to take advantage of it to see more people and plan outings with our friends. We must continue! In fact, you can easily combine a meeting with friends and a training session.

 Find a sport that everyone loves or meet in the park for outdoor exercise. Then, you'll deserve a refreshing drink that will taste even better all together. So these nine refreshing summer drinks are perfect for that.

6- Adapt your priorities

Bodybuilding in the middle of summer isn't it? So focus on your endurance, which you can improve by jogging outdoors or swimming in cold water, and limit your sessions at the gym. Or plan more movement or yoga exercises. These make you sweat less, but

 they are no less effective. It's just the opposite! Yoga can also help jump-start your inner workout. At the end of summer, impress others in the gym when you come back with new abilities. 

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