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Spoon Drawing: Which Fitness Program Fits Me?

 Spoon Drawing: Which Fitness Program Fits Me?

Spoon shape: how is it distinguished?

A spoon-shaped woman has a lower body that is wider than the upper part of her body. Their shoulders are rather narrow and their chest is mostly small. The width of the hips exceeds the width of their shoulders. Round buttocks and defined waist.

What parts of the body should I work on?

For this type of pose, the goal will be to shape the muscles of the upper part (chest and shoulders) and to coordinate the muscles of the lower body while getting rid of fat at the level of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Do you have an hourglass shape or a rectangle? Find your training program adapted to the hourglass silhouette or your program for rectangular silhouettes.

What are your favorite foods?

To get rid of the fat stored in the lower part of the body, you should gradually adopt new eating habits. Thus you will be successful in balancing the silhouette (while avoiding losing too much weight in the upper part). Advice to follow:

Preferably steamed, cereals, roasted or stewed

Avoid sauces, and cooking with butter or oil as much as possible.

Bet on low-calorie condiments (lemon juice, herbs, etc.).

Drink a large glass of water every hour to drain the body.

The right training circuit for my shape

Here is an ideal training circuit for spoon shaping that we recommend you do 2 to 3 times a week. This will make it possible to improve the lower body and shape the upper part of the silhouette. For visible results, try to follow this training for several weeks (at least one month).

You can also find our complete training guide on our website.

before starting

To perform some of the exercises suggested below, you will need a fitness flexibility such as the Elastiband. Bring a water bottle, a floor exercise mat, and a stopwatch.


Using a jump rope: At a slow speed, jump for two minutes with your feet together, and come down on the soles of your feet. Remember to bend your knees very slightly during the movement. Without equipment: do the same but without a rope, vertical jumps with arm movements in space.


- Do 2 to 5 rounds of this circuit (consisting of 5 exercises in total).

Work time for each exercise: 30 seconds.

Rest time between each exercise: 15 seconds.

Exercise 1: Heel - buttocks

- Objective: to develop the heart, warming the thighs + glutes + upper body.

- Execution of the exercise: make a chain of 10 buttocks with heels (this means that you will try to click on your buttocks with heels) in one direction, then reproduce the same chain in the other direction,

 by making large circles for the arm. Maintain this rhythm for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then pause for 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Repeat for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Safety Instructions: Stay well on your supports, don't force wide movement, as this may cause you to become unbalanced. Reducing the duration of the ground impact. Be careful not to move the pelvis.

Exercise 2: Tighten the arm with the rubber

Targeted muscles: chest, shoulders and triceps.

- Execution of the exercise: start standing, legs slightly apart. Place the Elastiband behind you at the level of the scapula. Put your thumbs into the handles and bring your hands together at chest height. Looking straight ahead, extend your arms forward horizontally. Then return to the starting position.

Breathing: Exhale with your arms extended and inhale in the return movement.

Safety Tips: Keep your shoulders low and your abdominal muscles low.

Exercise 3: Squat

Targeted muscles: thighs and buttocks.

- Execution of the exercise: standing, back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Bend your legs, keeping your torso as straight as

 possible. During the movement, your knees should not go beyond the toes, the heels are pressed to the floor. Return to the initial position by pushing and squeezing the heels and exhaling.

Breathing: inhale in the starting position, exhale during extension.

Safety Instructions: Keep your chest as straight as possible while descending and ascending. Tighten your abdominal muscles by tightening your stomach for the duration of the exercise. Look far ahead to keep your balance.

- High level: Cardio option (to work on your blast): Do 1 jump + 1 jump.

Exercise 4: Knee thrust

Targeted muscles: mainly the large chest muscles, triceps and shoulders.

- Execution of the exercise: the starting position on the ground resting on the knees, arms extended, hands separated by a width greater than the shoulders. Lower your chest between your hands, bend your arms, and keep your abdominal muscles tight. Return to the starting position by pressing the arms.

Breathing: inhale while descending and exhale while ascending.

Safety Instructions: Keep your abdominal muscles contracted to protect your lower back.

Exercise 5: Opening scissors with rubber rubber - Target muscles: Abductors (outer thighs).

- Carry out the exercise: lie on the floor, lie on your forearms, back straight (neither round nor arched), attach the handles of the Elastiband to your feet and extend your legs in front of you. Make movements by straightening your legs against the resistance of the flexibility.

Breathing: exhale when you extend your legs and inhale when the movement returns.

Safety instructions: keep the abdominal muscles, shoulders low, back straight.

Variation: If you don't have fitness flexibility, repeat the same exercise without equipment.

Now that you have your fitness session at hand, remember to choose fitness apparel that adapts to your morphology to practice with comfort and style.

To go ahead and complete these exercises, we invite you to take muscle-strengthening and/or cardio classes in the fitness room. If you can't join a gym, consider our Domyos Live service: it is

 accessible from your computer/tablet/smartphone and allows you to take fitness classes, wherever you are at any time of the day. A la

 carte lessons are also available to allow you to make the most of the sessions. To find out more and see what awaits you, go to the Domyos E Coach section!


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