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Top 10 home exercises

Top 10 home exercises

Staying in good shape before winter requires constant exercise and adaptation. We have designed a fitness program for you to carry out during the summer to guide you on how to approach, achieving effective and lasting physical development.

The training season requires a lot of effort and continuity. The realization of these endeavors is associated with a great deal of technical expertise associated with a particular format.

A little running will not be enough exercise for fitness.

Work should focus on developing strength, volume, speed, and coordination. Good physical preparation aims to maximize the athlete’s performance, utilize his physical abilities and prevent the risk of injury.

Here are some pre-season exercises you can do. If you can do this exercise to the end, you’ll be ready for next winter!

Cardio (to be achieved early in the season)

1 - long shot

Time: 45 minutes/hour on various terrains

Speed: at least 10 km/h

2 - Intermediate run

// 7-10 minute sessions (2 sets): 45 second moderate sprint and 15 second sprint (70/80% of max speed: sprint).

// 14 minute session (2 x 7 minutes): 30 second moderate sprint and 30 second sprint (70/80% of max speed: sprint).

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3 - squat

5 Sets 40/50 reps (load potential). Cures in 1 30 minutes.

Squats are great for working the glutes, quads and core. It is important to have good mobility in your knees and hips.

4 - Dynamic movement of Hope

3 to 5 sets of 80 repetitions

Ensure a strong and strong back workout and protect the chest belt.

5- seat

5 sets of 50 sec/min

This chair is an (isometric) exercise that covers and helps the thighs, allowing you to work and strengthen the thigh muscles in particular with static work.

6 - Abdo Package

5 sets for 1 minute

Sheathing allows you to lift the abdominal muscles, arms, back and buttocks. This full exercise is very effective if you are blowing hard. This makes cross-browser networks a bit more involved. The best thing to do is complete this exercise.

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As a reminder, in bodybuilding, plyometrics is a training method that develops the ability to produce powerful movements in a very short period of time (e.g. when getting up quickly after a jump).

7 - straight jump chain;

Practice hopping or jumping with both feet as you walk.

8 - vertical jump chain

Practice jumping rope or jumping rope.

9 - jump squat (up and down) .

Also called Jump Squat.

Turn the leg between 90° and 120° and then extend.


Proprioception (the ability to center in space) is important in exercise and therefore essential in physical preparation.

10- Measure with one foot

Duration: 20 seconds

Stand straight with both feet on the floor, then lift one. Adjust a point farther and higher on the face, then close your eyes when you have mastered your posture and try to maintain your balance for about twenty seconds. Open your eyes and put your feet down before repeating the process alternating (right / left).

You can also, if possible, practice on a trampoline and/or assembly line.

Good practice!


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