How do you exercise easily and regularly?

How do you exercise easily and regularly?

Want to slim down or lose weight? Discover our simple tips for exercise and moving easily!

PRECAUTIONS: If you have a sedentary lifestyle and want to start exercising, discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Go regularly for exercise

We average 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. Try gradually increasing the walking time until you reach 10,000 steps by following these tips:

When traveling, plan your route to avoid backtracking and avoid areas that are not suitable for pedestrians.

Many smartphones have built-in pedometers. But if you don't have a pedometer, 10 minutes of brisk walking is about 1,000 steps.

Remember to take water and hydrate regularly, especially if it is hot.

Protect yourself with sunscreen and hats if the sun is setting.

Don’t wear just any shoes: Opt for shock-absorbing sneakers so they don’t strain your joints.

And if walking isn’t enough for you, check out 7 tips for starting a run.

Sports in the garden

Many parks offer free or low-cost sports activities on a regular basis. Get information on your city’s website, or regularly check existing bulletin boards. Expect sporting events and feel free to sign up when an activity excites you.

Exercising in your garden is easy

You don’t have to travel far to exercise! Some activities can easily be done in the garden:

Try badminton. Tennis needs more space, and there’s always the risk of the ball being lost between neighbors. Badminton is a more practical and cost-effective option: you can easily set yourself up with a clothesline playing field, for example.

Playing volleyball. If you don’t like racquet sports, you can improvise the court just like badminton and try your hand at volleyball.

Jumping rope. It’s not just a wish for the playground: this activity is perfect for working your endurance and training your cardiovascular system.

Plan to exercise regularly

Plan a little weekly workout schedule. For example, going to the pool on Monday, playing badminton with a friend on Saturday or on the football field on Tuesday

 choose to shoot some rings with your friends. You can also decide to go for a run during the week, or choose to ride a bike on a short trip.

 It doesn't matter which job you choose: the most important thing is to follow your schedule! And when

 get a solid break with Always Ultra Pads or Tampax Compak Tampons to keep your period active with confidence!

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