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Magic Potion No. 2: Banana Puree

 Magic Potion No. 2: Banana Puree

My article on the detoxing properties of lemon juice has had a lot of success. Faced with this drive for my readers for natural detox ideas, I thought a new article in the same vein could be equally attractive. So I will make you discover the magical virtues of... mashed bananas!

In fact, I just tested the mashed banana remedy a couple of weeks ago. This idea was prompted by my bible at the moment: "La Méthode" by France Guillain. At the time, my intestines were not in good shape for 5 days, with stomach cramps and many other

 inconveniences, the details of which I will not talk about. I thought: "Nothing to lose, let's put Frans Gueant and her advice to the test." So for the whole day I ate only mashed bananas (breakfast, lunch,

 snack, dinner). The result was amazing! While I was dragging this very annoying digestive upset for 5 days, the day after my banana cure everything was going just fine! My intestinal transit was back in top shape and I had peaches from hell. Two weeks later, it did not recur.

Now I will definitely answer the question you ask yourself after reading these few lines: Why mashed bananas?

Banana is an excellent fruit for health

Bananas are indeed one of the best fruits out there for health. We usually know about the dose of energy it gives us when the going gets tough, for athletes or for kids.

But bananas are so much more! It is rich in fiber (more than an apple), vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium…..all this means that

 it has been scientifically proven that bananas (before cracking) are excellent for intestinal transit, they help lower blood pressure, reduce diarrhea, fight cancer, and even Improve mood, reduce stress and increase serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Why are you crushing her?

I'm not talking about smashing a banana with your foot or the wheel of a car, of course! In our case, it involves peeling a banana (preferably ripe, organic of course) and then crushing the pulp with a fork until it is almost liquid.

Mashing bananas in this way oxidizes it. Banana is a rare fruit that gets better with oxidation. This process will allow not only to become more digestible, but also to produce many antioxidants. Thus, crushed and oxidized bananas retain all the previously described properties and increase them tenfold.

In addition, with regard to the intestines, it is said that it becomes prebiotic, that is, it nourishes the probiotics that maintain the intestinal flora. Basically: there's nothing better to please our gut and

 it's easy and completely natural! However, many studies tend to prove it in recent years: we have more neurons in our gut than in our brain, and we can't be healthy if our gut isn't feeling well.

Now you can all be happy because you know how to make your gut happy: with mashed bananas and oxidized!!

How goes the treatment of mashed bananas?

In the event of intestinal problems, here is what FRANCE GUILLAIN recommends in her book:

The night before: Mash two organic bananas with a fork until semi-liquid and darker. Let them rest overnight in a cool place away from insects.

The next morning, at breakfast, eat the globi-boulga banana slowly, using a spoon, making sure you get a good dose of saliva.

Immediately prepare another dressing of mashed bananas and let it rest until lunch (at least 3 hours of rest)

At lunch, eat "gloubi-boulga" again with nothing but water or within the limits of herbal tea

And you start again this way, snack, dinner, breakfast ... until you get better!

Go back to a normal diet little by little and don't immediately start eating a huge hamburger because I think your gut will not live well with this drastic transformation.

My opinion: Personally, it took a full day of this diet to get better. Fortunately, because even if I loved bananas the next day, I was very happy to return to a more varied diet. But the effect was so dazzling and beneficial that it was really worth it!

If you don't really have any issues but want to do something good for your nice gut:

Dr. Cosmin recommends a one-day course of mashed bananas per month. This helps maintain the intestinal flora. I want to believe it on the other hand, we may not have the courage to do a full day's treat of mashed bananas every month.

I think if you don't have the guts to make a full day, you can still boost your gut a bit by replacing your breakfast, snack or dinner with mashed and oxidized bananas.

Additional Considerations About Banana Puree

Clearly opt for organic bananas. You can now find organic and fair bananas in almost all supermarkets at very reasonable prices, so excuses that “it’s hard to find” and “they are expensive” don’t work, and your health is worth it!

I can already see noticing the ecological and sustainable side of bananas being transported from faraway lands to us. So I will answer roughly the same as France Guillain: yes, bananas were imported,

 but their many advantages mean that a good consumption of this fruit can allow us to avoid taking synthetic drugs. So what's better:

 an imported but natural, organic, and fair trade product, or a synthetic drug that we don't know at all about the long-term impact of transportation and pollution it represents?

The second objection I see coming: Bananas make you fat. Well, this seems to be a myth about food, and on the contrary, bananas will help to lose weight! In fact with its fibers allows you to eliminate

 them. The carbohydrates and proteins that it provides you with are good natural ingredients. So replacing cake with banana is a good idea for health and slimming.

When mashing bananas, avoid adding lemon as it delays the oxidation process and the production of antioxidants. You can add lemon completely, but only after the banana has oxidized.

If you are on vacation in an exotic country where intestinal disorders are common, a mashed banana treat (perhaps accompanied by white

 rice) can be a very good complement to the solution for tourists (take medicine anyway because it would be a question in this case of an infection).

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