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My heart boxing routine

My heart boxing routine

My heart boxing routine

Want to improve your cardio using boxing equipment? Let's see how we can put this into practice by adapting its intensity to your physical condition!

In this article, we give you some examples of Cardio Boxing procedures with several levels of difficulty. There is something for everyone, from beginners to more experienced practitioners. The goal is the same in all cases: do cardio thanks to boxing!

Precautions for use

Some safety principles are necessary before any training session, and most importantly if the physical intensity of the session is high. First of all, be sure to warm up well, especially at the level of the joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, etc.).

If you use a punching bag, make sure you have the necessary protective gear. You will need at least a pair of boxing pads as well as a pair of gloves that are your size. If you plan to work on shin

 techniques, it may be interesting to equip yourself with shin guards (this will depend above all on the hardness of your bag but also on your level of practice).

Finally, I highly recommend you to use a customizable timer so that you can fully focus on your exercises without worrying about time management.

"Beginner" routine

It is intended for people who want to start aerobic boxing and/or who do not necessarily know the limits of their physical abilities. It allows you to start the exercise at a reasonable level of intensity and has recovery periods of at least 30 seconds (half the duration of the exercises). This routine lasts for 24 minutes.

"medium" routine

It takes the previous exercises with 3 modifications:

It takes 1-2 minutes to make the rope.

- Adding an elastic band for shadow boxing training.

Decrease the rest time between exercises from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Routine "sure"

It takes most of the above exercises with a few modifications:

Rope action takes 3 minutes, which is equivalent to a boxing round.

Shadow boxing is preserved with flexible training, but we add in addition to this another session with weights weighing one or two kilos.

"Expert" routine

It is based on a working time equivalent to a boxing match (36 minutes) and contains the following changes:

- Add bends/squats for 1 minute to enhance the leg workout.

- add an extra string, i.e. 4 instead of 3.

Some details about the exercises

Some details about the exercises:

Rope skipping: Cardio exercises par excellence, the goal here is to last 3 minutes without stopping. Try to perform acceleration stages if you can as you would in a real fight. This exercise, other than the cardio aspect, allows you to learn not to weigh too much on your support.

Shadow Boxing: A sequence of boxing techniques in a vacuum while on the move, imagining an imaginary opponent. The level of

 complexity of this "expert" routine is increased by using a rubber band to provide more resistance during punches. In the second step, the rubber band is replaced with small weights of one or two

 kilograms to work on the force. You can also add foot techniques if you wish. The goal here is to be as flexible as possible in your movements (movements and strikes) while maintaining a good guard throughout the duration of the exercise.

Bag Grips Strings: Work on bag grip techniques. You can use all kinds of blows, such as direct hits, hooks, overheads, head-ups, or to the body. Try to be as fluid as possible in your sets and be careful not to stand still in front of the bag. Finally, be sure to maintain a good guard throughout the exercise.

- Chains feet for the bag: This time, we focus on the lower ends, we're still in the bag. You can use all kinds of kicks, namely direct kicks, side kicks, round kicks, high kicks, forehand or backhand

 kicks. There are many types of kicks, it's time to get creative! As with the grip, try to be as fluid as possible in your sets and be careful not to stay stationary in front of the bag. Maintain a good guard throughout the exercise.

Bends / Squats: An exercise aimed at intensifying the work of the leg between the exercises of the two squats, using the lower extremities.

- The sequence of feet / fists on the bag: It is a matter of combining the previous two exercises with the bag by insisting more on sequences that simultaneously integrate the techniques of the foot and the grip.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, these actions will allow you to strengthen your core while putting your boxing techniques to good use. Moving from one level to another brings you an extra challenge and you will be more satisfied only when you gain a level of difficulty.

Exceed your limits!


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