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Faayidaa yogaa maanguddootaaf qabu

Benefits of yoga for the elderly

Be disciplined and physically fit, discover many benefits of yoga to maintain your health and wellness after 50 years.

Yoga, practiced regularly, greatly improves your health, fitness and health: flexibility, strengthens muscles, reduces anxiety and stress … In short, it is the perfect sport for seniors!

Yoga is a great way to manage your weight (which can be difficult after age 50) and improve your fitness without damaging your bones. But that's not all... Many studies

 show the benefits of yoga for the elderly, which maintains and improves moral and physical health. Depending on the position you take, you may be asked to do yoga on your focus or

 it even allows you to ease back pain. In short, research has proven that practicing this sport on a regular basis has positive effects on your body, from head to toe.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: improving mood

Studies have shown that attending two Iyengar yoga classes twice a week (focusing on breathing and postural maintenance), along with exercising at home significantly reduces depressive symptoms.

 Other studies have also proven that yoga has a greater impact on mood and anxiety changes than walking or other forms of exercise… How? Gamma acid levels-

by supplementing with aminobutyric, or GABA, a powerful nervous system neurotransmitter. People who are sensitive to stress or suffer from mood disorders, as well

 can occur during menopause, they are often prescribed to treat because they have low GABA...and practicing yoga can improve mood in a natural way!

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: relief from back pain

Studies have shown that yoga can help prevent back pain and alleviate chronic lower back pain. why ? Because while yoga is just great for postures

 not, stretches muscles that are often overlooked, improves mobility. The result: all your muscles are awake, so your shoulders are pulled back, your arms are stronger, and the weight on your spine is reduced.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: strengthening bones

After age 50, your bones begin to weaken. That's why it's important to choose an appropriate sports activity that not only prevents injury but also reduces pre-existing get off the yoga mat!

Research has shown that eight weeks of discipline and physical education improve people with osteoporosis. Patients with knee osteoarthritis or rheumatoid disease

 arthritis attended two classes a week for eight weeks and practiced yoga at home once a week, their pain on their energy, mood and fitness

improvements plus a 20% reduction. Their walking speed increased, and the effects on their health were felt for another nine months. Likewise,

 people with osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, shoulder, or foot who took 45-minute chair yoga classes twice a week for eight weeks saw an improvement in their quality of life.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: mental stimulation

Do you have a short time? Your mind can still experience the benefits of yoga! One study found that a 20-minute hatha yoga session (a breathing technique during postures and

 combine movement) significantly improved people’s speed and accuracy when facing tests of attention, information retrieval or recall… In fact, immediately after a yoga session

after, accuracy is much better than after Other aerobic exercise at a moderate or continuous pace. The author of the study specifically highlighted the calming benefits of yoga, removing distracting mental thoughts.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: fat loss

Yoga is a slow, low-impact workout… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work the muscles! A study found that regular yoga practice reduced weight when

 that it is an effective way to prevent the abundance that comes with menopause. Researchers studied the effects of yoga on weight

 to 55 received 15,5 Most gained 4.5 pounds over ten years,

 yoga followers took an average of only 1.4 grams. conclusion? Doing yoga means listening to your body, and therefore not eating too much.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: improving sleep

61% of postmenopausal women have insomnia or trouble sleeping so calming exercises don’t hurt like yoga! In other studies, yoga classes for 12 weeks

 given, together with when given at home have proven to improve sleep quality. In this study, 249 healthy women participated in yoga classes, an activity program

 followed a moderate-intensity workout or did no exercise at all. consequences ? Practicing yoga can improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms of depression.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly: strengthening the pelvic area

Approximately one-third of women will experience autoimmune disease in their lifetime, although this topic is rarely discussed. But the research

 one shows that yoga can help, by increasing awareness of self-and body, and reducing stress and anxiety. Thus, the number of women practicing yoga

 they note a 70% reduction in bladder output. It also gives you great always-absorbent and versatile tampons for complete stability, whether on a daily basis or during your classes. Forget minor accidents, you can breathe!


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