Current Slimming Tips (But Not Only)

 Current Slimming Tips (But Not Only)

Are you looking to improve your figure in no time? But also to adopt better general habits in terms of your diet and daily activities? Well, guess what, we can help you achieve your goals.

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight within a week but also avoid doubling the weight again later, read the rest of this article and take notes. Fast and healthy weight loss is learned, and it's best to be well informed before you start. We promise: we tell you all our tips for fast weight loss, but above all good for your health and always .

But in reality, can you really lose pounds in one week?

The good news today: Losing weight quickly but well is absolutely possible, provided you know a few key elements. In fact, our body can lose between 2 to 5 kilograms in just one week. On the other

 hand, you should know that you don't have to lose fat mass first but mainly water - yes, water accounts for 60% of body weight on average in adult men, and 50 where it goes). The so-called miracle

 diets, the promise of weight loss in a very short period, may seem effective and give impressive results, but keep in mind that this will

 only be a temporary illusion. The reality is quite different: our body, offended by deprivation, will retaliate in less time than it takes and will store everything in its power to display a higher weight than before on the scales. You guessed it: This is called the yo-yo effect.

Well, we won't leave you like that without further explanation, we promise! To avoid this famous yo-yo effect, you should give yourself enough time to reach your weight loss goal and change or adapt your

 diet. Our motto: A healthy, long-term diet. What's more, any physical activity, even just walking, is a good habit that you should incorporate into your daily life. In fact, this is part of the basic foundation for rebalancing your weight.

But before giving you the keys to success, let's talk a little technical about calorie deficits.

Lack of calories, késako?

First of all, to lose weight effectively, you have to take into account the so-called calorie deficiency. The latter occurs when you consume fewer calories than you expend in energy during the day. In order to have a calorie deficit, there are two possibilities:

You can burn the calories accumulated during the day by exercising;

You can adapt your diet and eat healthy food.

Warning: Concretely, your average calorie deficit should be between 300-500 calories per day, and no more than that.

Our tips for effective and permanent weight loss

Whatever your goals (lose weight and/or develop your muscle mass), the balance of calories per day is of great importance. Below, you'll find relatively simple tips to apply in your daily life.

Tip 1: Drink more water

It may seem like a big deal, but drinking water, 1.5 to 2 liters, throughout the day should be part of your basic habits. Purified, stagnant and guaranteed zero-calorie water also prevents snacking and refreshments, which is especially important for your health. Here we learn to drink more, even without feeling thirsty.

Tip 2: Increase your protein intake

Well, no, contrary to ideas received (sometimes), proteins won't make you look like Popeye! Consuming more is not only beneficial for mass gains, but it also helps maintain a feeling of satiety over time. You'll agree with us: This last note is very important to consider in your weight loss strategy.

the most? Protein is also good for your muscles, which automatically burns more calories. Combine benefit and well-being with our signature whey protein, to (re)discover it here.

Third tip: Don't starve yourself

Here's a rule that should be part of your daily diet: Avoid skipping a meal or eating dramatically less. On the contrary, eating enough food until you are completely satisfied allows you to have fun and thus not get discouraged. And imagine what? Many foods are perfect to pamper yourself! Here is a small, non-exhaustive list of foods to eat without moderation:












red fruits



Fourth tip: Cut back on salt and sugar

Unfortunately, because it is still better with salt and sugar, they are positioned as enemies of the goal of weight loss. Consuming too much salt leads to the effect of water retention and therefore weight

 gain. Plus, it's a natural flavor enhancer and highly salty products, like potato chips, whet the appetite and make you want to keep eating, even when you're not hungry.

In the simple carb family we ask for sugar! The latter is also positioned as a curbing factor on weight loss. In general, simple carbohydrates are very high in calories and negatively affect insulin

 levels. The result ? Faster return to feeling hungry. However, you may feel tired from high blood sugar. The way to avoid all of this is to opt for complex carbohydrates instead. Thanks to them, digestion

 takes longer, which keeps you satiated for a longer time. Rice, potatoes, lentils, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, peas or beans fall into this category.

Fifth tip: Movement is good for your health

Be active during your workday, walk a lot, prefer the stairs to the elevator, ride a bike, do some crafts, gardening, do chores, walk your dog... In short, there are plenty of opportunities to get moving every day.

In addition, regular athletic training is generally recommended, two to three times per week. Here again, you have the choice between several sports activities. If you're looking for a challenge, for

 example, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit training are very effective at burning calories. Endurance (or cardio) and strength exercises can help you build your body and build muscle.

 Too many options kill the option? Don't worry: whatever you do, you're activating your metabolism to break down fat, i.e. you'll lose

 water (thanks to sweat) and carbon dioxide (through your breath). When you eat again, the calories you take in will first replenish your energy stores, so there will be less sense to store as fat.

Finally, exercise can have a positive effect if you're feeling stressed out. In fact, the hormones you produce are reduced during regular physical activity. No time to go to the gym? Try to practice at home.

 This training program will give you a lot of good advice. There is no need to stress yourself about the length of your workout, it is entirely possible to be a short but effective goal. Not driven by individual coaching? Surround yourself with your loved ones, family and friends.

We will go further, faster and stronger: feel free to share your active weight loss process with the people you trust. You can then count on group influence, ideal to boost your motivation.

More tips

Finally, here are some mixed tips to help you achieve your slimming goals in the short term but also in the long term:

Snack smartly and not out of habit;

replace processed snacks with healthy homemade snacks;

eat on smaller plates so as not to accumulate too large amounts of food;

Eat slowly and consciously in a calm environment, avoiding distractions such as the TV or smartphone (note: the feeling of fullness does not come until after 20 minutes);

Be reasonable when drinking alcohol;

brush your teeth immediately after eating (this will allow you to be less tempted to treat);

Drink two large glasses of plain water before lunch or dinner (this will help you feel full and will reduce the desire to eat very large meals);

Make sure you get enough sleep every day.

Are you ready to skip the chocolate? Discover our protein bar in gourmet chocolate muffin flavor, perfect as a healthy snack and rich in protein for a longer feeling of satiety.

This article was republished on 01.06.22 by Sarah Bianchin.

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